Forza 5 Developer 'Not Going to Port Over Garbage' for Next-Gen

Some IGN users expressed some displeasure about the amount of content in Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport 5, and “there will be more announcements coming forward” about new tracks, creative director Dan Greenawalt told IGN.

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yewles13219d ago you're making new garbage?

Stop talking lowly about your previous work, it's liable to come back to bite you...

theWB273218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I think it's funny people like to constantly use that crowd pic as some type of confirmation about the whole of Forza. It's a racing game going 100+mph.

Here's some shots for you. Gaf has a photo thread.

Good thread to go through

Most perfectionist, if they're improving, think their early work is garbage.
The best athletes state the difference. Actors, musicians's a common thing to say.

SolidStoner3218d ago

If they claim for years that theyre work is true masterpiece and best out there.. and then make a new one and say everything they said before is lies.. then they could say after 2 years the same about F5.... " ahh that also was garbage.. well now this is a true thing..." nooot after 5 years "so we lied that also was garbage.. this is even better now.." and so on.. feels stupid..

pedja_srb3218d ago

Nice pictures,but...every single picture is from gallery.U must admit thet the models are not THAT great in gameplay...:/

pedja_srb3218d ago

Same case is for GT6.Don't know about Driveclub...

Godmars2903218d ago

And still at the end of the day when making the comparison between Forza 5 and GT 6, the latter day/night transitions, weather and more by a factor of five. That most of those cars are at a lower graphical quality should be ignored for the fact that GT6 still has more high graphic quality cars than Forza 5.

None of that makes Forza 5 a bad or worse drive sim than GT 6, but it does say that Turn 10 should have kept their mouth shut in regards to the rivalry they began with the other franchise - Because they stopped trying to actually compete.

InTheLab3218d ago

Whenever I look at art I've done a while ago I'm embarrassed by the quality. We all continue to improve...that's true. But at no point will I ever criticize previous efforts in defense of the half assed work I'm currently pumping out.

The Forza series clearly peaked at Forza 3 Ultimate and Foraz 5 is easily the worst in the series.

TheGreatAndPowerful3218d ago

Yeah photomode is awesome isn't it. -_-

PeaSFor3218d ago

same thing can be done with the GT photo mode, just sayin.

fr0sty3218d ago

Forza is supposed to be a next gen title, and is being bested by a PS3 game in many ways (like night racing, weather, etc). And it has cardboard cutout crowds, which may not look bad going around the track at 100+mph, but when watching replays, or taking turns slowly, you DO see it, and it's kinda sad for a system that is supposed to be next gen powered and "cloud" enhanced. Not to mention them gimping the car count vs. previous games and flooding it with microtransactions.


I think it's funny people like to constantly use that 100+mph argument and then post staticc photo mode pics.

I guess you want us to look at a gameplay pic of racing with no annoying cardboard spectators, instead?

Still have just as much jaggies and look not that much better than their old "garbage" as they put themselves... In fact, is that an updated model from Forza 4?

But hey, if you want to stick with photomode, Forza 4 can do it too!

Sorry to break it to you kid, but looks like Turn 10 just halfly updated Xbox 360 models to Xbox One, there's nothing wrong about it because their source models indeed had the potential and the final code with the new engine, even if basically the same car models, actually looks good. Unfortunatelly what this doesn't help is their prepotent statement and your "perfectionism" claims. So much for that, huh?

And even worse is how Turn 10 want to bring GT to their league kicking and screaming... Sorry T10, but that's just not Polyphony phylosophy. Premium cars are made from zero to as real as PD can get, which obviously takes a lot more time and why they decide to use "old garbage" as the only way to keep a decent car list... But hey, it's not like GT6 doesn't have 400+ premium cars on top of god knows how many standards, while Forza 5 have 200ish cars total (or more if you are paying for DLC, while so far PD is not holding cars through MT only).

So, seeing how Forza 5 barelly beats last gen racers on either Xbox 360 and PS3 not only in quality but also on the heavily overlooked quantity, I really advise you and T10 to shut up and stop making a fool of yourselves.

Back-to-Back3218d ago

Photo Mode nuff said. Not impressed in the slightest.

ambientFLIER3218d ago

Bishop -

Sorry, but low quality Forza 5 screen grabs of a compressed youtube video does NOT support your point...especially that grey Zonda. It looks worse than the original Forza in that pic and it sure as hell doesn't look like that on a 1080P tv...

Blacktric3218d ago

All of those shots are from photo mode, in which the models have much higher quality than they do in actual gameplay. But nice try.



Good try, but only the second image is a YT grab and the only I could find of gameplay (i.e. non-photo mode) with a Panagi Huayara. And that's exactly why I only really compared MODEL (which I stated, can't you read?). The similarity is perfectly visible there. I even said Forza 5 is basically just as jaggied as Forza 4 before the comparison despite my image showing a much worsely jaggied Forza 4. I could understand you calling me out on that as I was not holding your hand and reading word per word for you, but not the other way around.

Oh, and even so, Forza 4 is 720p, it's not that badly compressed, I don't doubt it looked much better on your 1080p TV though, but that's mostly thanks to your Xbox 360/TV upscaller, isn't it? Turn 10's 720p game have not much to do with it.

Anyway, nice going completelly ignoring everything else on "my point" as if it only relied on the pixel per pixel fidelity of those screen shots... Sure, let's pretend Turn 10 isn't reutilizing their old "garbage" despite how they plan to release another 10 car every month 'till May. Either they have the fastest 3D modellers on the gaming industry by far or they are lying, plain and simple.

And please note I'm not even going for the crap old engine with awful physics and that still can't do half the features other racing sims are doing (what were they saying about old garbage anyway?)... I'm just countering WB27 perfectionism claims and Turn 10's obvious jab at GT6 standard cars.

Dee_913218d ago

Even though he is obviously taking shots at GranTursimo and calling their old work garbage (I know the people who spent a lot of time modeling stuff for the old forzas must feel bad hearing that from him) in the process.But I still agree with him.I love the standards in GT5, my garage is filled with them, but I can live with out them on the PS4.

Also I hear this whole "quality over quantity" BS way too much when talking about forza and GT as if the graphical fidelity of a car is the only thing that contributes to the "quality" and not the car actually being there itself.

The people here commenting trying to question the integrity of Forza 5 graphics, just stop.I played the game immensely and its definitely the best looking racing I ever played.Picking screenshots that show the game in a bad light doesn't prove anything.You can do the same with literally every game.Come to think of it.. this community has done it with a lot of games to try to prove their "point"..

whybag3218d ago

Since you'd like to focus on the pretty wires, I'd like to know why so many of them have corners instead of curves.

badz1493218d ago

forza fans, listen! Apparently, you have been playing garbage on the 360 the whole time! hey, not my word, T10 said it themselves!

ShinMaster3217d ago

@ theWB27

You're gonna use photomode? Ok, I'll play.



Consider this a warning shot.
GT on PS4 will destroy you and Forza (and without using cardboard cutouts).

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chaos-lockheart3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Polyphony Digital are true car enthusiast. They are passionate about cars and constantly helping the auto community. While the forza guys are just trying to put money in their pockets, and creating stupid fanboys. Stop making fake imitations. Garbage? Nothing you make should be garbage only improvements. Opening up doors and going inside 200 cars is not next-gen ok. This is not even funny. Stop using garage show cars as graphics, this is just a trick where polygons are not used in anywhere else, Use in game car graphics where there are huge environments. And stop with all these PR talk. Show us something that our eyes haven't seen yet.

Morpheuzpr3218d ago

This is the problem I have with Turn10. Forza is a great game, actually the only game I care for on the xbox (halo and gears are overrated imo), but when the developer doesn't respect and trash talk the franchise that made possible the existence of theirs that just unacceptable and speaks volumes for me.

Gamer19823218d ago

Issue is there is a lack of content and the reason is it was rushed as if they wanted to port all the cars to forza 5 it would have not been released until 2014. Also this leads to a nice rafter of paid DLC. So its win win for Turn 10.

s8anicslayer3218d ago

I think people expected much more from Forza 5, especially with all the hype MS and Turn 10 fed us with about the "Cloud" and we have yet to see this so called advantage of it.

SHExLOOKEDx183218d ago

Actually, the way the computer ai drive now feels majorly different than when I started playing it on day one. They actually do learn how real people drive.

IaussieGamer3218d ago

LOL so they admitting their old games where Garbage lol

IaussieGamer3218d ago

Xbots are in damage control saying this guy is referring as GT6 as the game transferring garbage lol

x5exotic3217d ago

Rockstar techbically called SA garbage promoting GTA V.

"Calling it that half-assed vision of LA, turns out the real garbage js the new one, but hey they sold well. Might work for forza too.

otherZinc3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Those are haters pretending to be Forza fans!

Forza 5 is magnificent and by far the best driving game on any console, period.

However, I am disappointed that there's no Nurburgring Track. But I understand. As long as we get it later, I'm good with that. I'll even pay for it.

I have over 200 Achievement Points and counting!

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Lord Anubis3218d ago

they called forza 4 garbage. They need to stop making up excuses. I thought they were the only ones that laser scanned tracks and cars.Why are they taking too longs to map the tracks.

im surprised it won best racing games when there are better driving games out there.

ElementX3218d ago

"The fastest track to be updated took us nine months. And that was a track that didn't require recapture. "

moparful993218d ago

Still doesnt explain how Polyphony Digital managed to replicate more tracks with precision in GT6... Even Nurburgring Nordschleife the worlds longest and most geologically diverse track is recreated with painstaking detail and precision.. We're finally getting a little peek behind the curtain of Turn 10 and realizing they've engaged in to much puffery.. They've written a check with their mouths that they cant cash now and the backlash is mounting..

moparful993218d ago

Didn't proofread my comment above^^^^ I meant to say geographically not geologically...

BG115793218d ago

@moparful99, Polyphony Digital don't require to recapture tracks because they have been doing this right from the first game.

Godmars2903218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

And still, we're talking about how Turn 10 have access to a more powerful platform than the 360 and not having to deal with the limitations of DVD and how they've failed to challenge themselves. Are offering nearly the exact same level of content while making what comes off to many as excuses.

Meanwhile PD by all counts have made up for - most of - the mistake made in GT5 with GT6. Take their time while they push themselves to do better.

moparful993217d ago

@ BG and Godmars

I think that the frequency with which Turn10 releases their games played a hand in this.. Polyphony took 6 years in making GT5 a fact that was evident in the details of the premium cars, insane accuracy of tracks, and top notch physics... So the 3 years between GT5 and GT6 was spent refining the experience resulting in GT6 being IMO the best GT to date.. Turn 10 churns games out so farequently they literally have no time for polish...

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JasonKCK3217d ago

I think some of you people need to actually "read" what was said.

Gabenbrah3218d ago

Just curious people, what racing game won game of the year and what racing franchise has been the highest rated the past decade? (Answer: Forza)

You can keep that second place racing franchise.

Retroman3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

it used to be NFS won game of the year award back in 95-2002 / highest rated arcade racer game not so much now days.

only awards NFS will get now days "craptastical" for being the worst game since Blackbox Studio HOTPURSUIT 2

Dasteru3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

It is the sales that count, not user reviews. Xbox fanboys were notorious for spam rating 10/10s on every 360 game and then giving really low ratings to Sony games they had never even played, it is just typical childish fanboy behavior.

GT5 sales: 11 million.
Forza 4 sales: 4 million
Forza 3 sales: 5 million

GT5 has outsold Forza 3 and 4 combined.

jimbobwahey3218d ago

Hey now! According to NPD data Forza 5 sold about 20,000 copies as well.


Gabenbrah3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

LMFAO!!! Go to the Ryse, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and KI user reviews, all Sony fanboys posting reviews. Why don't you go to a Xbox One video, see the comments of Sony Fanboys. So sales determine quality of a game now... Guess CoD is the best game in the world by your logic and Kinect Adventures is one of the best games of all time *FACEPALM* Forza is the highest rated game by reviewers, not user reviews this past decade, GT is number 2, so enjoy playing the second best racing game :)

And you enjoying those $200+ micro transactions for a single car xD

Also, if it's sales that matter, then Halo is the best console exclusive between Xbox and Playstation, thanks for confirming that Halo is indeed the best exclusive :)

doublebass23218d ago


then Wii is much better than ps3?

what kind of logic is that?

Or justin bieber is better than Motsart?

whats next?Quantity tops Quality?

Jesus,with all the damn "kids" in n4g these days...

HellspawnPR19813218d ago

So quantity equals quality? In that case, is Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace the best of the saga?

TBONEJF3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Yeah getting tired of posting links to other sites as SPAM. But he's right they shouldn't port a old game on a new console. whats the point? just like COD, NBA, MADDEN those aren't next gen games. You can buy the same crap on your current system. That's why i don't buy the same sports franchise games.

Hufandpuf3218d ago

Well then I guess COD is the greatest game ever made by that logic.

Dasteru3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )


On established franchises, yes, sales are typically the most important factor. Nothing is a perfect means of determining quality but sales are by far the closest. Any idiot with a computer can create a review, only people who actually like the games buy them.

$200+ OPTIONAL micro transactions for those who are too lazy to actually play the game, No cars are sold for real money, only the in game credits used to buy cars in game. GT6 also isn't reducing in game payouts to force people into micro transactions. BTW enjoy paying around $50 for the Lotus E21 and $20 for the Mclaren P1 or Bugatti Veyron SS in Forza 5, it is actually selling cars directly and exclusively for real money and is reducing in game payouts.

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moparful993218d ago

They didn't even include GT6 in this award as a nominee because of its late launch date.. So Forza 5 won between itself, an F1 game, and Need for Speed: Rivals... Wow thats so underwhelming..

DanielGearSolid3218d ago

I'm curious to see what you think of internet awards when your favorite game doesn't win... Also ppl vote with their pockets... GT crushes Forza... Its always gonna have a "We can make a driving sim tooooo" feel.

Nocando3218d ago

So by your logic no one else but PD should try to make a driving sim? Because every driving sim after GT could be considered a "me to".

DanielGearSolid3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

@Nocando How convient of you not to take the full debate into account...

If you did you would notice that Gabenbrah, claims GT is the 2nd place racing franchise to Forza. Obviously it isnt.

No where in my comment did I state PD shoukd be the only ones making driving Sims. In fact there are driving Sims on PC that blow GT out of the water.

PD does it best on consoles, and Turn 10 made Forza to compete with GT, how is that NOT a "me too" approach. Not to mention the fact that Turn 10 has been constantly comparing Forza to GT since Forza 3

I'm eagerly awaiting your response.

Legacy2123217d ago

Forza 3 rated higher then gran turismo 4 and forza 4 raped gran turismo 5 91% - 84% and now they are both averaging 82 while ign and gamespot give forza 8.8 and 9 and give the new gran turismo 8 and 7 so which one is the better game? yea i thought so all the hate on this site is from sony drones who never played Forza or planned on it Forza could be 1080p 60 fps day and night cycles real time lighting and weather with the most beautiful scenery and i could bet anything this site would still TALK shit. Gran turismo isnt what it use to be and reviews show that. Maybe Poly should work on damage for their "simulator"

rainslacker3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I find both Forza and GT to be completely different games. Both are good. Both are fun to play. Both look great. But there is a drastic difference in the feel of how they play.

GT seems to be more about the car, and the driving experience. Whereas Forza seems to be more about the fun racing experience. I'm OK with both. I play GT more because I own PS products, but I do play Forza at my friends house when I go over there to play games. It's the game I most often want to play when I"m there. I really like driving games.:)

Otherwise, GT is Sony's biggest IP. It sells in the tens of millions. So obviously that many people like and respect the game.

I could care less what reviewers say, because reviews are way too subjective nowadays, and rarely use unbiased measurements for their critiques.

Dasteru3217d ago


It isn't about visuals, it is about sim elements such as track accuracy and handling physics, both of which GT5 does much better than Forza 4. Forza 4 still has its famous "hovercraft physics" that it has been known for since the first one, the vehicles have no weight to them at all, and Turn 10 themselfs just recently admited that some of the tracks in Forza 4 were "Wildly inaccurate"

I have Forza 3 and 4 and have spent quite a bit of time with both, and while they both are good games, as far as sims go, they do not hold a candle to GT5.

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DigitalRaptor3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Gran Turismo is a DRIVING game.

Forza is a RACING game like you said. GT has its purpose, whilst Forza has its. Let's not pretend that GT6 is not a better and deeper set DRIVING game than Forza 5, a game which is worse than its predecessor in many obvious ways.

scott1823218d ago

Well both forza 5 and Gran Turismo 6 are rated the same on metacritic. I don't know why people even compare the two though, yes you race in both, but one is realistic (GT) and one is more casual (Forza).

Godmars2903218d ago

The game review process has revealed itself to be as bias as it is broken. That COD repeatedly receives the scores it does only to get follow up reports and stories about how buggy the latest version is, how it and other games are coming off as being specifically designed around Metacritic and reviewers who have no time to delve deeply into a title, says as much.

I get that Gt sales as much as it does because of its name recognition, but you need to look at how Forza sales show that it isn't building an audience because it doesn't deliver on what is promised. Which tends to be, be it arcade or realistic drive sim, whatever Turn 10 feels like gets them attention.

Back-to-Back3218d ago

Both GT5 and GT6 came out after the VGA awards. Next time look stuff up otherwise you look ignorant.

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