Larry Creator Left After Replay CEO Paul Trowe Pleaded Guilty To Showing Sex Video To Minor

The falling out between Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe and Replay Games has taken another turn. Replay CEO Paul Trowe was in legal trouble earlier this year for showing a sex video to an underage girl.

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dieforgame1769d ago

The moral of the story is: Never send sexually explicit material to an unknown person. In fact, it's best never to send any to anybody.

1767d ago
level 3601767d ago

Also "the" game looks more like a sleaze-fest than actually a "game".

Dante811767d ago

The first 7 LSL games were harmless fun.

yellowgerbil1767d ago

The game sucks, always has, but still feel bad for the guy. Sounds like an honest mistake. Why'd he even get brought up on charges, seems like the boyfriend dating a minor should of been the one being taken to court.

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