David Ortiz Gets Upgraded to a PS4

Chris Smoove partnered with PlayStation during the PlayStation 4 launch to upgrade David Ortiz with a next generation gaming experience.

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NewMonday3571d ago

this is the most direct attack on the competition I have seen from Sony, bout time they take the gloves off.

iGAM3R-VIII3571d ago

lmao they used a 360 as a baseball home plate, you cant get any dryer than that lmfaooo


adonis1833570d ago

He sounds so black lmao!! David Ortiz is Dominican (:

xHeavYx3571d ago

Funny that they try to blur the 360, I can think of a different console that could be upgraded to a PS4 as well... *Evil laugh*

LOL_WUT3571d ago

I thought they were going to smash the 360 towards the end when they took it outside with a baseball bat ;)

DafunkyRebel3570d ago

Nah that would get some negative backlash from MS

FITgamer3571d ago

lol Using the 360 as home plate, that's messed up.

Ares84HU3571d ago

Who is David Ortiz and why do we care?

FITgamer3571d ago

He plays for the Red Sox, he also one the biggest hitters in the game right now.

TheEnigma3133571d ago

Because YOU don't watch baseball. Educate yourself before you speak.

RyuCloudStrife3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

A quick search to enlighten your ignorance would have been adequate.

Game0N3571d ago

May go into the hall of fame as the greatest DH in baseball history...so uh yes hes a pretty big deal

wenaldy3571d ago

It's like American asking "who's Lionel Messi?"

JetsFool35003571d ago

Oh nobody just a 3x world series champion & record holder for hits, rbi's, & HRs For DHs

SoulSercher6203570d ago

Wow you've never heard of David Ortiz? Maybe you do a quick search to enlighthen yourself.

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Ares84HU3571d ago

Hahahahahahha, not everyone watches or cares for baseball. Do you guys know who Buakaw is? Or Saenchi?? Joe Valtelini? Joe Schilling?

Probably not.

You guys are so arrogant that you think the whole world HAVE to e familiar with one baseball player.

Who watches baseball anyway?? It's not even a sport. Scratching their balls all day and adjusting their Nike gloves making sure the brand name is visable in the camrea.


Heisenburger3571d ago

Idk those cats. But I'm not the one that just said "Who is X and why do we care?"

You have the nerve to call the other people arrogant?

Dude... You need to stop and look at your own actions.

bsquwhere3571d ago

Baseball is the second biggest sport in the world after soccer. So why don't ya go back to scratching your balls in your moms basement. Unless she does that for you after she cuts up your steak or the crust of your pb&j.

jukins3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

calls others arrogant then makes an arrogant statement about baseball being a sport. lulz

FITgamer3571d ago

Nobody is attacking you because you don't know who he is, it's becasause of the condescending "why should we care?" Just because you don't like something doesn't mean everybody else should dislike it too.

"Who watches baseball anyway?? It's not even a sport. Scratching their balls all day and adjusting their Nike gloves making sure the brand name is visable in the camrea.

Pathetic...." I'm pretty sure you are the one acting pathetic.

Ares84HU3571d ago

None of you like it when I turn the tables on you. Baseball second most popular sport on earth?? Try cricket. Even tennis is more popular and hockey. Other than the USA and Japan, baseball is virtually none-existant.

SoulSercher6203570d ago

Wow if that wasn't one of the dumbest comments I've ever read. I don't watch baseball as much as others and I know who he is.

BTW baseball non-existent? This comment alone shows you know little about baseball.

DafunkyRebel3570d ago

Baseball is more popular then Soccer these days in the world son

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