Oddworld developers encouraging Youtubers

Abe creators Oddworld have publically given permission for anyone to use their content in any video, including trailers, cutscenes and music from their games.

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Snookies121772d ago

That's how it SHOULD be. Good going guys.

Godmars2901772d ago

Problem is it not as simple as saying "yes you can use our stuff" because of how Youtube has things set up, but third parties are exploiting that set up as well. Coming in and claiming they have right to content and the money its worth and are just being given it.

MasterCornholio1772d ago

Reminds me of when Joe mentioned that a bunch of companys that he never heard of flagged his videos for copyright infringement. It wasnt the game itself that attracted their attention but the music.


Google "AdShare MG for a third party".

They and other parties alike are known to flag content with public domain musics. Theories had been this third parties are trying to monetize on someone else's video or they are simply annoying people into giving personal info as one wants to dispute its claims.

So companies no one heard of had been flagging content on youtube long before the Content ID with no copyrights whatsoever. Now the Content ID is in place, I believe it's simply replicating similar scam claims automatically.

So this is not a new problem with google but one simply badly amplified with Content ID... That's the kinda crap you can expect when you have a computer doing what should be a person's job (veryfing copyright infringment claims) combined with a flawed policy (the burden of proof resting on the one submitting a video instead of in the copyright claimer).

a08andan1772d ago

Well if we want to counter the youtube copyright thingamabob, start reporting every single video you watch for copyright infringement so that they have to look at them.

Tdmd1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

How nice of them! I hope others will follow the gesture! :D

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