Oddworld Inhabitants Are Teasing Something. But What Is It?

The official Oddworld Inhabitants YouTube channel has posted a video, titled Coming Soon to Oddworld.

The seven-second teaser is ambiguous, simply showing the publisher’s logo, lovable protagonist Abe, some social media information and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it amount of footage that might indicate what’s around the corner.

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wheresmymonkey2152d ago

looks like a new theme. I hope it also coincides with more news on the abes exodus remake.

bouzebbal2151d ago

abe's exodus remake, please!
i hope they go back to the classic controls, hot and tasty had lousy controls imo.

MasterCornholio2151d ago

The return of explosive farts


Relientk772151d ago

I'm assuming the Exodus remake