Atari Classics and More Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

In addition to its robust classic arcade roster, Microsoft also delivers a great mix of original development and independent game titles to Xbox Live members this holiday season and into the New Year

Beginning in January 2007, Atari will release six titles on Xbox Live Arcade throughout the year. Both classic and evolved versions will be available for each of the following titles:

Centipede®/Millipede®: defend your village against an onslaught of centipedes, spiders, army ants and more. In addition to the classic mode, the evolution mode offers high definition graphics and special effects like motion blur, trails and particle-based explosions to make the experience as enjoyable today as it was decades ago.

Battlezone®: the original tank vs. tank action classic has received an Xbox Live overhaul, adding in exciting new multiplayer modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. This updated version is truly a must-have for any fan of the original, which is also included. Additionally, players can use the Xbox Live Vision camera to watch live video of their opponents. Combine these features with new special effects for weapon firing, impacts and explosions and you have one killer classic as you've never experienced it before.

Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe
Missile Command


Xbox Live Arcade's diverse library of titles is going to keep growing, with a particular emphasis on new, originally developed games from indie developers and big studios alike. Over 100 indie developers and virtually every major console publisher in the world are working to develop games for Xbox Live Arcade. Some of the diverse titles we will be releasing by this holiday include:

Small Arms (Gastronaut Studios) – an indie-developed original title designed specifically for Xbox Live Arcade, featuring frantic multiplayer brawling combined with action and precision shooting.

Novadrome (Buena Vista Games) – originally developed futuristic racing on Xbox Live Arcade.

Assault Heroes (Wanako/Vivendi Games) – blast waves of formidable foes in this originally developed top-down shooter, single player or two player co-op action.

Heavy Weapon (PopCap Games) – experience this irreverent, original side-scrolling action game that supports up to 4 players simultaneously.

Defender (Midway) – space combat classic updated for this generation.

Contra (Konami) – the seminal side-scrolling shooter that started it all will be launching on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, November 8 at 0800 GMT


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2tired2day2hate4454d ago

i'm very happy with arcade but are we ever going to get to the point of having several downlaods a week?

power of Green 4454d ago

Soon, soon my friend. My girl and I and friends play arcade games more than standards, they make great get to gether/party games.

InMyOpinion4454d ago

Who wants these old sh***y games anyways? I'm tired of just seeing old stuff popping up on live...centipede...FFS. It's not like they're releasing the old games that are still fun to play.

BIadestarX4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

I somewhat agree with you about old games. but then people vote with their wallets. Mortal C is on the top xbox live arcade games this week. Now isn't that something. I realised some people like these type of games. And I am too busy playing ultimate alliance until COD3 and Gears come out this week to care about or have time to play arcade games. I may care in 2-3 months, but then more games will be out for the 360 by then. I do want to play Contra!

DEIx15x84454d ago

It seems like everyone is into the whole Live Arcade aspect of all three consoles but i just can't get excited over it. The only games i have seen that have interested me are Uno and Marble Blast Ultra and out of the ones coming i can't wait for the racing game that was delayed to add multiplayer (can't remember the name) and this Novadrome listed sounds like it may be interested. I'm just not a big fan of playing classic games at all. The new, original, and board games are the only cool aspects but to many seem to be old ports for me to really get interested.

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