GTA: San Andreas - Now available on mobile devices

From today is available the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the largest GTA PS2 era. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes us back to the early 90s with CJ and the Grove Street Families.

The version for mobile devices Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been updated and includes Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, and all that was there in the middle. The graphics have been revised and presents detailed shadows and dynamic; increased draw distance, enhanced color palette, characters and improved car models embellished make this version of San Andreas visually even more beautiful.

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Shad0wRunner2835d ago

*Checks GooglePlay Store* such GTA San Andreas game exists. -_-

DoctorJones2835d ago

It's only on ios at the moment, android's coming later.

Shad0wRunner2835d ago

Hmm, thats weird then. Cuz, the article clearly states ANDROID support.

"The device is available for selected mobile devices iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows."

DoctorJones2835d ago

Yeah well the article's wrong, I didn't even bother reading it, I just looked on Rockstars site and it states -

'Hey guys, it's great to see so much excitement for the release of San Andreas on mobile. For those inquiring about Android and Windows Phones versions, those will be available later this month, stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for more details soon.'

Shame really, android always get's the delayed versions for everything.

Shad0wRunner2835d ago

Thanks for sharing the actual info, from Rockstar.
Doesnt matter tho. Even the iFruit app and PlayStation app android versions arent compatible with my phone's hardware. I really need to buy a newer phone, lol.

Spinal2835d ago

Just recently got an iPad Air so I will be picking this up as well as Star Wars KOTOR. First time tablet owner.

I had gotten all the previous GTAs on my iphone so this will add to the list I've been waiting for this one. Never got to complete back when it came out cause WoW came out an consumed me bk then lol.

PS3gamer4life2835d ago

San Andreas stories for vita please

TheLastGuardian2835d ago

GTA HD Collection and a spin-off for the Vita please.

BelkingOfSony2835d ago

Touch controls suck, a psvita version would have been better.

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