Tales of Zestiria’s - First Trailer

The first trailer of the new tales game is now available to view on youtube. The trailer begins at 10:21

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CursedHero2958d ago

Nice write-up, I approved it for you ;-) Cheers!

CursedHero2958d ago

PM me any time you need this ;-)

NewMonday2958d ago

about time they take Tales to the next level

Hanso2958d ago

nice i hope its 2015 for EU land

TheGameTagerZ2958d ago

They mention america during the stream. Wonder if this'll be the first game to get INTL release at the same time.

kingdom182958d ago

That would be the most beautiful thing ever.

Nate-Dog2958d ago

Hot damn are those real-time battles? No more restricted battle zones? Or am I imagining things? Either way looks sexy. Too much Tales to look forward to lately, me gusta!

TheGameTagerZ2958d ago

It looks AMAZING. Can't wait for an HQ trailer.

HystericalGamez2958d ago

I agree 100%. It looks awesome.

Roccetarius2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Too bad the Tales games are usually limited by platforms. If i had the money, i'd gladly pay for Tales to get on more.

Anyways, it looks like they took an approach similar to Lightning Returns, without instanced battle zones. I could be wrong though.

TheGameTagerZ2958d ago

They choose to only do sony consoles now.

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The story is too old to be commented.