Tales of Zestiria For The PlayStation 3 Detailed "Details on the upcoming new Tales game, Tales of Zestiria, has been announced, including info on the game's hero and heroine and the game's system."

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WildArmed2958d ago

Well well...
I just finished both sides of Tales Of Xillia.. gotta say it's gotten me excited about the other Tales game. Looking forward to this!

MegaRay2958d ago

Me too. Xillia is my first tales of game and it got me excited 4 the rest

Kurisu2958d ago

I've never played a Tales of game but I've always liked the look of them. I was so hoping Vesperia would have been localised for PS3 and not just 360 so I could have played it. But since a Tales of game has been out for PS3, I haven't played it still (Xillia). I definitely want to buy it once I'm done with FFX | X-2 HD.

Tidybrutes2958d ago

Tales of Graces F on PS3 is worth a play also.

GirlOnFire2958d ago

Well get ready for Tales of Xillia 2 and also Tales of Symphonia hd collection! These are my favorite RPG games ever. ^~^

WildArmed2958d ago

I can't wait for Tales of Xillia 2!

I'm interested to see where they take the story after the first, it first like the story was closed nicely. I'm trying to avoid all Xillia 2 spoilers atm, so I'll enjoy the initial turn of events that start up Xillia 2.

gerol2958d ago

oh... i expect a PS4 Title...

but any new "Tales of" game is good news! :)

Baka-akaB2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

There was no way a Ps4 tales would release so soon . Even more so with the current ps3 install base

WildArmed2958d ago

I hope they keep making them for PS3, for my sake lol

But to be honest, I hope PS4 builds up a nice JRPG library by the time I pick it up. So I'll be happy either way.

Lucreto2958d ago

It should be the next title. Baba said it is in early production stage but this one has been in production for a while.

GirlOnFire2958d ago

They said they won't be making an next gen game anytime soon. T-T Something like that...

Zichu2958d ago

I've only ever played Tales of Graces F and it is a great game. I really should get Tales of Xillia...

raWfodog2958d ago

Only one I've ever played was Tales of Vesperia and my wife is gonna get me Tales of Xillia for Xmas.

Zichu2958d ago

Forgot about Vesperia. I also need to play that... I've put buying it for quite a while because it was quite expensive in the UK, but since they put it on the marketplace, the physical copies dropped in price and became available in some stores again.

Chaos_Raiden2958d ago

Hell yeah. I really hope it will be translated into English.

Tidybrutes2958d ago

Its already been announced for EU and US release. First time its been announced for localization this quick as far as im aware.

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The story is too old to be commented.