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Enjoyment stretches far from the gameplay in ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West. A truly visual and emotional game that’s exciting to watch as well as to play; but attention to detail detracts from the game’s perfect adventure experience.

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CrossingEden1991d ago

I really love this game. Traded it in a while ago due to low replay value.

Section81990d ago Show
Grave1991d ago

One of my favorite games last generation. I am waiting for a triple-monitor fix so I can play it again on Steam @ 5760 x 1080.

ifritAlkhemyst1991d ago

Not even close to a 9/10. I don't care if you tell me that it's just an opinion. Shut your hippie mouths. Reviews should strive for objectivity in which case this game would be a passable 6.5-7 / 10.

Shadonic1990d ago

I've never played the actual game but from what I got from the walkthrough its up there with at least an 8ish.

McScroggz1991d ago

I played this game on the PS3, and while it has legitimate flaws, I still love it. One of the most under-appreciated games from last generation if you ask me.

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