European PS Store update for 1st May

"So far since the launch of the new PS Store, European has seen it's fair share of good quality updates. Certainly, the situation appears to be much better than before and SCEE seem to be coming good on their promise that they would 'sort the situation out' by the Summer.

It would be a shame, therefore, to see a lacklustre update this week, wouldn't it?"

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Calluk4960d ago

Not a very good update, No demos, Oh well theres allways the american Store

Ben10544960d ago

the new cars for need for speed?
most importantly have you seen the price?
they are 2pounds each, thats equivalent to $4 just for 1 car, that is such a con.
I think that i might give sarcastic gamer a ring

paul_war4960d ago

OK, I am getting really annoyed now.

Where is the Oblivion expansion????

We even had a trailer for it released a couple of months back, but still nothing!

BeaArthur4960d ago

Hopefully the US update will get all those themes. I love free themes, *hint *hint Microsoft.

Bigbangbing4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

there is some free themes on 360
but you cant compare the 360 theme and ps3 theme
i mean the 360 theme have 3 photo and theme for the in game xmb
the ps store themes have only one photo and some icons
and i don't mean the user created theme on the web

BeaArthur4960d ago

Although I will agree with you that I like the 360 themes better, I don't want to pay 3 or 4 dollars for them. And the only free ones are usually pretty crappy.

crck4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

Like the Ratchet and Clank theme. Btw I'd rather take a one picture theme over a 3 picture theme with ads plastered all over it. But what would be cool is if Sony allowed for more then one picture set to wallpaper and allow them to randomly appear.

BeaArthur4960d ago you mean like the God of War theme? Or do you mean one that randomly changes while you are already online. Because either way it could make them more appealing.

blusoops4960d ago

some of the user generated themes you can get for free online have multiple pictures for backgrounds. This means that every time you turn on ur PS3 you get a different background pic...or everytime you get out of a game back to the xmb, you get a different pic aswell. I've seen some w/up to 10 different backgrounds for the same theme.

RacingX4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

@ crck & Beaarthur

The new EoJ themes & the new Lair themes change to a different shot every time the XMB comes up, I'm sure they'll start doing it with more. Some of the EoJ art is nice....if you like the fantasy type stuff. Worth a check...theres always the delete button...

Keowrath4960d ago

nbnt, I disagreed. Killzone2 theme has multiple images. I use that theme on my US account and was surprised to see a different background from the previous one I was expecting.

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S1nnerman4960d ago

to be worried about the store updates for a while :)

avacadosnorkel4960d ago

but I don't see another sandbox game knocking GTA out of the rotation until Mercs2 is released

jackhammer064960d ago

I really hoped that the Haze demo will be coming with this update......Oh Well,just have to wait......

jones smokey4960d ago

were can i get cheats for gta4 on ps3, the cheats i got are too small and i cant find any other website

EZCheez4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

I've already started messing around with some of the cheats. I just turn the sleep mode on and commence to wreak havoc throughout the town without saving.

I miss the tank though. It doesn't feel the same causing chaos without a tank. Helicopters only do so much.

On topic, I doubt any region will get anything incredible this week considering it will merely be overshadowed by GTA4. When I'm at work all I can think about is getting the kids to sleep and playing some more. Especially now that the online is up.

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