Simon Says: My First Week With The PS4

GameNTrain Author Simon Marshal Writes: As I paid off my purchase a few days before the PlayStation 4 was due to be released, I knew that this was a purchase that could shape the my future of gaming for many years to come. I had been counting down to the 29th of November ever since I made the decision to pre-order the PS4 over the Xbox One. With many of the launch games coming under-fire with their lack of variety, I was delighted to see that the PS4 has now sold 2.1 million consoles and this is only a few weeks after the launch in North America and less than a week in Europe. Having only played the PS4 at a recent preview event, I was now able to get my hands on the PS4. After months of waiting and deliberation I now had a shiny new box to call my own.

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