Opinion: Tapping Isn't The Same As Playing

In recent years, mobile and tablet gaming has obviously exploded in popularity. With developers finding smart ways to utilize touchscreens, the quality of these titles has steadily risen in conjunction with the vast quantity of them.

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Z_-_D_-_32842d ago

Wholeheartedly agree. The tangible, overall control of a game is completely lost with a touch screen. I feel as though anybody can tap away at a screen, where it takes a true gamer to undertake multiple functions in tandem.

3-4-52842d ago

You control going from point A to B but not HOW to get there. That is one of the problems.

Tapping is cool for like 2 minutes, then you want more.

kornbeaner2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

It's still playing! Controls and input method is just one facet that make a game. If you don't consider games with a touchscreen an actual "game" might as well state that many games created in 80s were not actual games. Pac-man and Mrs.Pac-man were simplistic by nature, all you had was a Joystick nothing more.

Galaga was a Joystick with 1 button, Konami's track and field was a button masher nothing complex about that.

Complexity of controls does not determine whether something is a true "videogame".

Simple checklist - Does it have progression? Does it have a control scheme (no matter how simple)? Is there a strategy involved? Is it fun? Yes! Then have fun playing your videogame and stop being an entitled hater of videogames, if you happen not to like a certain style of games then don't play them. There are many more you could be playing instead of trying to convince people why their stupid for liking what they like.