First image of Call of Duty 3 has posted what seems to be the first screenshot of Call of Duty 3. It looks a bit doctored, but you never know.

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Grown Folks Talk5463d ago

watching the e3 trailer, i was pretty impressed. looked like it could be a target, but if they pull it off, it should be incredible.

MONTY 1875463d ago

Any1 got a link for this, i cant find it!!

DG5463d ago

Looks kind of sexy.

samonmoose5462d ago

Looks average, the building wreckages are very angular, the rubble pile is just a mound like model that has had a texture map added over the top. Im sure we should be at the time when a pile of rubble actually consists of individual objects.

PS360PCROCKS5456d ago

but the level of all around detail is up so don't forget that, it's amazing...