Xbox One Demo Policy Hasn't Changed, There Will Be 'More Demos As Platform Goes Forward'

NowGamer: The Xbox One demo policy hasn't changed, confirmed Major Nelson, with developers the ones who make the final decision on whether their games have demos.

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jackanderson19851987d ago

i wish they'd enforce demos for all products, like a single level or a time limited demo... it'd help alot more people buy the games as reviewers can be biased

Forbidden_Darkness1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Yes, but a demo itself can take the best part of the game and make you feel like the whole game is as good. That and it's a waste of resources for a lot of devs, especially for smaller devs without much time, money and resources. The best demos are PS Plus' 1 hour trials, they give you 1 hour to get as far as possible and see how you like it, which probably represents the product better than a actual demo. Though half that hour is probably tutorials and crap. I'd expect those to take less effort on the devs part.

NukaCola1987d ago


A demo got me to buy Brütal Legend thinking it was an open world action game but the real game turned into that stupid RTS crap.

DragonKnight1987d ago

Thing is, plenty of developers don't release demos because they know their game sucks and they don't want you to know it without paying for it first.

TimmyShire1987d ago

I don't really find I use demos anymore. Often they're just the opening sections or tutorials or something. YouTube gameplay or let's plays are the best way for me of finding out what a game is like these days.

Rockstar1987d ago

yup. Giant bomb quick looks usually help me make an educated decision.

slimeybrainboy1987d ago

Definitely in alot of cases watching the first couple of episodes of a lets play can tell you alot about a game. You normally know that if you want to keep watching than you should play it.

That being said I watched abit of Remember Me and was so disinterested. Then when it was free with PS+ I played it and really like it.

You never really know untill you play it yourself. It's tough.

Ted_Breakfast1987d ago

Remember that story from a while ago saying games with demos generally sell less?

Not sure whether 'more demos' is a good thing for Microsoft.

MasterCornholio1987d ago

Its a good idea to leave it up to developers. Many times I enjoy a demo but the game ends up being complete crap which is why I never put my faith in them.

Dlacy13g1987d ago

I am 99% certain having a demo or tiral is a mandate for all XBLA games on the 360...but since XBLA doesn't exist on the X1 I am guessing that policy went away too. Kinda sucks because It was a great feature of XBLA.

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