GCM reviews Mario Kart (4.2/10)

Game Chronicles reports:

''First off, Mario Kart can be played with just about any controller you can attach to your Wii. It works with the Classic, the GameCube, and the Remote and Nunchuk, or you can go Remote only and insert it into the stylish racing wheel accessory that comes with the game. Extra wheels are sold for $10 so we can infer that the game would only cost $39 if sold separately, but they are forcing the wheel on you…at least for now.

It's my own personal rule to play racing games with a wheel whenever possible, so I opted for the wheel attachment and was pleasantly surprised to find it quite comfortable and continued to work even at flat angles. Your arms and hands are bound to get tired sooner or later and you can't keep holding the wheel upright in front of you forever, but even at semi-truck angles the steering was responsive.''

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squallsoft5631d ago

...how the mighty have fallen. i used to be huge Mario Kart fan. for shame, Nintendo, for shame...


iilluminate5631d ago

It's never a 4.2/10... anything below 7 really isn't doing the fun factor justice.

I've complained about the overpowered weapons too but there's still a lot to enjoy. Certainly isn't below average.

anh_duong5631d ago (Edited 5631d ago )

the game is not really nextgen but for multiplayer pick up and go mayhem it is actually great fun

gaffyh5631d ago

Truthful review, the game probably isn't great, but its better than a 4.2, I'm sure it deserves at least 6. But he has said that the game was too difficult for him, and that's pretty much the main reason for the low score, but seen as he has played most of the Mario games it is quite a shock that he would give it such low score.

ChickeyCantor5631d ago (Edited 5631d ago )

WOW, he is practically saying "i lost lots of times therefor it suck"
AHAHAA...reading this was so pointless like all the other reviews>_<
I like it < personal taste!
to each his own!

OutLaw5631d ago

Maybe 8.0/10. But 4.2 is being way to hard on the game.

mrlokievil5631d ago

It might be a little too harsh but he does have a valid point. The difficulty of double dash is the main reason why I couldn't get excited for this version. The harder races just get too frustrating.

kira9895631d ago

Just because he couldnt win in the single player!!!!!

I wonder if he does this to all difficult games..

Ninja Gaiden 3.4
Devil May Cry 5.2

permutated5631d ago

Lol, gamers like him should review games, because they're pussies who can't stand up to a challenge.

Most likely Half Life was the first game he ever played, still relative newbness.