Atari Titles Join Growing List of Forthcoming XBLA Games

It's turning out to be a good day for Xbox Live Arcade fans, after Microsoft announced this week's Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday's title, they've also announced that Atari will be getting in on the act with six classic games coming in early 2007.

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G_CodeMonkey4458d ago

If EA did a re-make for XBLA, people would go nuts. I for one have no interest in any of Atari's announced titles as I've already played them (again) on my PS2. The only other XBLA title I'm waiting for (for them to announce) would be Elevator Action -- loved it. I'm also waiting for Defender (hopefully Stargate). For these Atari titles, no interest. gCM

nellus4458d ago

Been an older gamer, seeing those games on the list have caught my attention. And did anyone play Tempest on the Atari Jaguar? Fantastic game, super fast and totally adictive. It really could give Geometry Wars a run for its money.