Contra Hits The Arcade This Week

After last week's slightly disappointing Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday, Microsoft have today announced that Contra will be released on the Xbox Live Arcade this week.

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pbo2m34453d ago

this is a very bad week for Xbox arcade. With GOW and COD3 coming out this title is not going to be as popular as it could've been if it was released in another time. I've been looking foward to Contra for a long time but since I already preordered Both of those games I wont be getting this for a while

FeralPhoenix4453d ago

Damm, now this is one of my old favorites, ahh the memories of me and my cousin beating Contra...I'm trying to remember the damm cheat code we used for extra lives or something?? ha, aahh the memories....

Grown Folks Talk4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

up,up,down,down,left,right,lef t,right,b,a,b,a,select,start(f o r 2 players, no select for 1 player) also worked for mario and lifeforce.

THWIP4453d ago

...this game will SUCK. :(

MissAubrey4453d ago

There wasnt crap on the arcade!

FeralPhoenix4452d ago

Thats funny as hell, did you actually remember it or did you look that up?....either way THWIP I don't think it will suck without the code....just remember that these old arcade games are not meant to amaze us gamers with something new, but if you've been playing videogames long enough and you see a "old" game from the past that you enjoyed, it does make you want to play it just to remind you of all the "little things" you enjoyed so much. Of course its not a game you would sit down a play a few hours theres no need to take it so seriously.