Former Sony UK Dev on Knack Outselling Mario:"Releasing It The Same Day As PS4 In UK/EU Wasn't Wise"

Kenny Linder talks about the Wii U's lack of success in the past year and where the console goes from here.

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Xsilver1932d ago

“If it goes from shelves, it will be finished. I am still confident in my crazy mind that Wii U will not see another Christmas after this one. But that’s just me. The future games will just get moved/axed.

Nintendo Step your game up.

S2Killinit1932d ago

I would hate to see that, I want Nintendo to be around. but I'm so glad PS4 is doing so phenomenal. everybody and their uncle wants a PS4 right about now.

LOL_WUT1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

How can anyone try to spin this or argue with it you just can't. It was a bad business decision something that not even digital sales can make up for! EXPOSED ;)

gaffyh1932d ago

Wii U will still be around next year,because Nintendo never gives up, they will keep releasing games, and one of them will sell the system like crazy. Zelda, and X are yet to release, so I'm willing to give them a chance.

ShinMaster1932d ago

Wii U will last at least as ling as the GameCube...

cleft51932d ago

I really enjoy Knack, but it is no where near the level of the new Mario games. Also, Nintendo will see consistent sales for Mario long after Knack has gone on to become a PS+ title. So while it is a nice bit a trivia, ultimately it just doesn't matter. The release of a Nintendo first party game is just a footnote in how well and consistent those games will sell.

XisThatKid1932d ago

I am nowhere near a core Nintendo fan.But if anyone think s that Ninty will be goin "out of business" just because Wii U isn't successful you may need to rethink your prediction. 3DS makes most of their video game division sales and before that it was the DS family that was rehashed and regurgitated like many other Nintendo aspects that actual work for them for what ever reason....ANYWAY, goin exclusively handheld would be in their interest if they decided to bow out of home consoles for a while. People shouldn't be so blind to realize that it is VERY feasible for Nintendo to let Home consoles go at least untill they can be missed and regain some momentum. Ninty doesn't just make video games and they don't just distribute in US and UK. It's not as Black and white people.

I honestly doubt that will support Nintendo in their products but I don't wanna see them go out just yet, but if they do it will hurt me non. My memories of Nintendo are and most likely forever will be just memories of my past.

Cernunnos1932d ago

Nintendo will keep at it, until their economic situation gets really bad, which it will in a few years from now. At that point, they will not have the funds to invest in a new hardware release, and they will become a software company, and they will release and create their games for Xbox and Playstation.

guitarded771932d ago

Nintendo fans are helping to kill the Wii U. I want Wii U to succeed. I bought one on day one because of the potential, but have been let down. It has shown moments of brilliant potential, but Nintendo fails to step into the modern age with their network, openness to development. Nintendo fans will continue to disagree with any real criticism, instead of saying "Nintendo, please do these things...". When Nintendo's base begin to ask for modernization, Nintendo will be forced to respond. Sony learned this when the PS3 was launched, and changed the way they do things, and look at them now. They were in trouble with the initial launch of the PS3, now they are the most desired console. Nintendo needs a punch in the gut from the fans to get them back to contention.

mikeslemonade1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Nintendo cares more about making money now than Sony or Microsoft. Sony and Microsoft have deeper pockets as the corporation, so they are able to make the stronger system, buy more game developers, advertise, and invest in things Nintendo can't.

I too believe this is the last Nintendo home console. There's just too much competition that is better. If they don't focus more on DS they will lose some of that market share too because of smartphones, tablets, and vita. And guess what.. smartphones, tablets and the next PSP will run circles in terms of processing power on the next Nintendo handheld.

At the end of the day what you call Nintendo's "innovation" it's not enough. The constant and consistant power of the competition will effectively make Nintendo cut down on stuff.

Xer0_SiN1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

keep releasing games? what games? for a system that is one years old, i sure dont see a heck of a lot.

MazzingerZ1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

This might open the eyes for Nintendo about the other consoles being competition anyway, their console is part of the perfect combo (if one has that much free time) for next gen, they just need to provide great exclusives from their studios, it's time for new IPs!! that is what they need today as multiplatforms are best on the other consoles

Exclusives have always mattered and will always do

Knack is no competition to Mario, has more to do with all the fuzz around PS4 that stealed Mario's show...those banners got lost behind PS4 marketing

vigilante_man1932d ago

Nintendo are getting what they deserve - a good smacking. They sold millions with the wii but never invested any money back into games. Mario, Zelda, Mario goes shopping, Mario walks the dog, etc. Talk about milking.

Same with Microsoft and XB1. There is only so far you can push Halo & Gears. You need supporting acts.

Sony are THE gaming company right now. They invest in games and gamers and it shows. The PS4 & Vita deserve all the love they are getting right now.

Nintendo & Microsoft: sort yourselves out or move over for new competitors. Sony picked themselves up after the PS3 launch...

ABizzel11932d ago

Not only was the launch date not wise, the Wii U install base simply isn't there. It has a 10% attach rate which isn't bad at all, but the console sales just aren't there and while I'm sure it's a great game (haven't bought it yet) it's not looking like a system seller unless you're a die hard Mario fan (the game looks like what New Super Mario should evolve to on the Wii U, and not a revolutionary 3D Mario game). Add to the fact that there just aren't enough Wii U owners and the low sales are clear.

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come_bom1932d ago

Knack (PS4) sold more units then Super Mario 3D World (WiiU). What a crime...

Nabbic1932d ago

Why is this such a crime?
Are you against new IPs and risks outselling old ones? Perhaps this is a call to Nintendo to stop overusing Mario and Zelda, and give us fresh experiences, or underused IPs like Chibi Robo?

Reviews hardly mean squat of either, both are faring more or less the same on Amazon user reviews.

JsonHenry1932d ago

As having played both games now I can say that **in my opinion** it is a crime because Mario is a much better "old school" game than what Knack is.

But again, this is all opinion. I would encourage you to play both and form your own.

Death1932d ago

Reviews for both are out. Super Mario World has received very good reviews and Knack has not. Thank god sales make games good when reviews do not.

come_bom1932d ago

"Thank god sales make games good when reviews do not. "

What a dumb thing to say... by your logic, COD Ghost is one of the best games of the year.

Gamehead361932d ago

Death was obviously being sarcastic...

Sarcasm1932d ago

Super Mario 3d world is a wonderful game. But nobody is to blame but Nintendo for releasing a console that still to this day people think it's an add on to the wii.

ziggurcat1932d ago

@ death:

well, it's a good thing that bad reviews don't make a game bad then... right? because, i mean, bad reviews can't *possibly* be biased or subjective...

Xer0_SiN1932d ago

its not a crime. people are just tired of playing a fat cartoony plumber time and time again.

Concertoine1932d ago

It sold more units in one country, the UK.

Mosiac771932d ago Show
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joab7771932d ago

I am just perplexed. So everyone wondred why they released basically a current gen system as a next gen system when they could hav got the jump on Sony and MS. I can get over that. What is inexcusable is that using old tech....why in the world they didn't have a slew of games ready to release during the yr prior to ps4 and xbone to establish themselves as at least the second/casual console in houses. Also, while the gaming tech may b excuse for not having all the same online features...parents would love to have a semi entertainment box for their kids.

-Foxtrot1932d ago

I know you would think Mario Kart, Smash Bros or even Zelda U would of been done by now and something like Super Mario 3D World would of been a launch game.

Hell why was Lugis Mansion2 released on the 3DS, it could of made a fantastic launch game like Luigis Mansion did on the Gamecube.

Point is they should of had a ton of games ready by now, the fact we still havent had Zelda U, Smash Bros U and Mario Kart released yet is kind of sad in my opinion......hell even the successor to Galaxy would be nice.....and no I don't count 3D World as the successor, the last games never had a game like it on 3DS while 3D World did, it's just what New Super Mario Bros Wii/U was to the 3DS version....nothing wrong with that but it's not the successor I was looking for.

Eonjay1932d ago

Nintendo could be much more profitable by focusing on hardware. I would love to play Mario and Zelda on PS4

TopDudeMan1932d ago

"What is inexcusable is that using old tech....why in the world they didn't have a slew of games ready to release during the yr prior to ps4 and xbone to establish themselves as at least the second/casual console in houses"

An excellent point. You're spot on. They should have compensated for having the weaker system by releasing a ton of games while they had the jump on sony and microsoft and they didn't. In my opinion, they made some bad decisions with the Wii U in that respect because there just isn't much out for it.

Death1932d ago

Nintendo has no problem making a profit. Sony is the one that has struggled in that department. It's amazing that so many think Vita remote play is the cats meow when Nintendo has been doing it better and oddly at a higher res (on the small screen) for longer with the WiiU.

-Foxtrot1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )


First of all Sony with cross platform play did it before the Wii U, it just wasn't as big because not many games did it on the PS3 with the PSV.

Second of all the PSV is a seperate platform, it works on it's own where ever you are, the Wii U's gamepad is not like that

Lastly it's at a higher res because it's bigger and is the main feature of the Wii U, it's part of the console unlike the PSV and the PS4.

Oh and for those disagreeing above please tell me could Nintendo NOT prepare those system selling games as launch games when the Wii U was in development, the Wii had a massive drought so it's not like they were extremely busy. Seriously the Nintendo defending on this site is unreal. I get defending it from people saying they hate Nintendo and say they are crap...fair enough but when people try to fairly criticize it they get treat the same as someone who would troll it.

harrisk9541932d ago


I think you meant to say "software".

AshleeEmerson1932d ago


I hope you're kidding. I have the PS4 and Killzone streams perfect from FAR away and my Wii U can only go into the next bedroom and I better not close the door. Even then, it doesn't stay connected all the time. There's a huge difference here.

On a lighter more "On topic" note..

"Who cares" our job as tediously, hard working, thumb denting gamers is to play the games and their jobs are to make them.


bobacdigital1932d ago

Vita can only stream 30fps.... Not saying Wii U is better but at least it can do it 60 fps( obvously at lower rez).

Also wii u has a lower install base .. Makes sense it sold less than knack.

juggulator1932d ago

That may be closer than you think. Nintendo has held onto Mari and Zelda for nearly 30 years but those games are starting to lose their luster mainly because Nintendo takes too long to release them. Zelda U as a launch title is a system seller.

The Wii U has sold units but those sales seem to be slowing to a dead halt. Considering how the PS4 beat the Wii U's lifetime sales in the UK/EU in just a couple of days, there's something to be said there. I'm not saying they're doomed but they need to get it in gear by E3 2014 and should push to get something that this years VGX's, Reggie is rumored to be there so hopefully he announce something that make people want to go out and but a Wii U.

The hardware also has to be mentioned. Nintendo has been one generation behind in terms of hardware for the past two console generations. Games like The Elder Scrolls Online, The Witcher 3 and The Division aren't releasing on Wii U because the Wii U is, essentially, a last-gen console. Here's to hope that they turn it around in 2014.

Chard1932d ago

AND, not only did they fail to release that slew of games, they couldn't even make up for that with a decent Virtual Console release schedule.

In Australia, the Wii U has not even received the price cut that other regions have gotten, plus there is no Wind Waker bundle. I don't even.

Hicken1932d ago

@Death: When are you gonna stop, man?

The Wii U does not do remote play better; it can't leave the damn house, so it automatically loses. The Vita, on the other hand, can leave the freakin hemisphere. Since the console is streaming directly TO the controller, it's no surprise if there's a bit better connection between the Wii U and its pad than the PS4 and Vita, but again, that connection is only useful over extremely short range; on the other hand, I can take my Vita the 15 miles to work and still have it connect, no problems, to a PS3/4.

Explain how that's a win for the Wii U.

This has also been possible since December of 2011, a full year before the Wii U even came out.

Explain how the Wii U was doing it first.

Seriously, man. You need to just stop commenting on everything PlayStation-related, cuz your fanboyism for Microsoft blinds you into saying the stupidest things to try and make Sony look bad.

Death1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

The WiiU isn't compressing a 1080p signal to 720 and then to 540 to fit on the screen. Vita play has limitations because of this. The WiiU pad has larger screen and higher refresh rate which gives a much better experience. The trade off is on the WiiU it's a more refined experience, but short range. Depending on your connection, the Vita can be used from a much greater distance.

Read the reviews.

Not sure how saying the WiiU gamepad works well makes Microsoft look better, but if that's what you prefer to think...

I personally have a Vita and a WiiU. As a standalone game system the Vita is a great piece of hardware. My only gripe is a lack of software that really uses the Vita's unique hardware. I would love to see Sony use 1 of their 17 studios to support it with something other than ports we already played on the consoles.

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tracyllrkn1932d ago

That would be extremely stupid for Nintendo to discontinue the Wii U. So it won't happen.

for we are many1932d ago

"Nintendo Step your game up." ROFL

SM3DW/Z:ALBW Prove that Nintendo's games are the gold standard of quality, both benefiting from the unique features of their respective hardware.
Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, WW HD, Deus EX DC, NFS: Most Wanted U and ZombiU as well as Nintendo Land benefited from the unique features of Wii U and are fantastic games with more to come like: Bayonetta 2, Monolith X, MK 8, Smash Bros, ZeldaU, SMT X Fire Emblem, Project CARS and DK:TF. I believe that Wii U will have a library of games that are unique and of the highest quality and fun available on any platform, if you don't give it a chance it's your decision but in my eyes it's a big mistake if you consider yourself a true gamer.

I think it's sony who needs to come up with games better than Knack, KZ:SF, Contrast and Warframe, and they better NOT rely on 3rd party multiplats, because those Look, Perform and Play infinitely better on PC with Lower Prices for games, backward compatibility, Mods and FREE Online with Dedicated servers.

Please don't reply with insults, think before you type!

Xsilver1932d ago

So because i said step ya game up you instantly think i was talking about their games :/ I think you should think before you type because your attacking launch games from Sony but feel the need to Post Nintendo's whole line up dufaq.
PS4 sold more than Nintendos lifetime sales in the UK in one weekend so yes Nintendo step your game up.

for we are many1932d ago

@xsilver: Your "comment" doesn't address what I said, but don't worry, I thought the ultimate subject to be discussed on a "gaming" website, between "gamers" should be "games", but I digress, doesn't change the fact that all companies need to "step their game up" and that you pop up on almost every Nintendo news article with something negative to say while forgetting to criticize your beloved company on releasing mediocre games and adding mandatory online subscription fee, and depending mainly on promised 3rd party multiplats while losing some of them to MS as exclusives, as I said above I have my PC to play multiplats on in better form which is the exact pivotal point that you and the guy below you voluntarily omit commenting on and try to sidestep it by resorting to using primitive wording like "dufaq" and "butthurt", and No, KZ is a Premier Flagship 1st Party franchise and knack is a 1st party game as well and they are both lacking in quality and could be signs of things to come after all the hype has died out.

@zod18: Butthurt goes both ways my friend. and try to be more polite and more articulate next time, Ok ?!

Xsilver1932d ago

@forwearemany ok let me address you now, all them games and people hardly buy the Wii U and that's the sad truth :/, lacking in Quality in the future Clearly I'm guessing you don't know Sony's History with their First party games they literally produced the game of this Generation The Last of US so your not making sense to me right now.

for we are many1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Although personally, I don't think you've addressed my points; but, just to give you some insight on my gaming experience, I've been playing VG since 1984 and I've owned almost every console and handheld ever made, I play games across every genre. But I almost always prefer games that rely on refined gameplay, control and fun factor over quasi-movie experience especially if the gameplay is derivative, linear and/or full of QTEs. In my personal opinion I think that TLOU is massively overrated and that Uncharted 2 (not 3)provides a better experience, to me, TLOU lacked in the most important category and that's Gameplay. But you Don't see me dwell in every Sony article and promote negativity, some of you guys prove that Sony fans Hate Nintendo more than they Love Sony.

GTgamer1932d ago

"some of you guys prove that Sony fans Hate Nintendo more than they Love Sony."
lmaooooo im done is this what Nintendo Fans think these days you guys crack me up Sony fans and Xbox Fans go after eachother aint one thinking about Nintendo trust me.

Mr_Writer851932d ago

Zombi U was an utter mess hahaha.

Have you played Killzone or Resogun?

And did you see the games Sony released/ Published on the PS3?

God of War 3
Demon Souls
Uncharted Trilogy
The Last of Us
Heavy Rain
Two Souls
Fat Princess
The last guy
Twisted Metal
Little Big Planet
Killzone Games

Just to name a few, lots of tops games that include new IPs something Nintendo can't do.

Also PC's are not as straight forward BC as you make out. Try installing from CD old Star Wars games like Jedi Knight or Rouge squadron on a Windows 8 PC

It wont even work as the launchers won't launch as they are only 16bit. Meaning to get them to work you either have to buy them again (that's not BC) or download a VM and spend ages messing around.

DeadlyFire1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

PCs are pretty straight forward really.

OS's are where you find the BC.

If your playing a 16-bit game you have to have a 16-bit file system. Its pretty much common sense.

32-bit games require 32-bit OS.

Early OSs mixed 16-bit and 32-bit In most cases 16-bit games work fine on 32-bit OSs. Now its 32-bit or 64-bit OS available with no sharing really its either all 32-bit or all 64-bit. Which is why some games have trouble on Windows 8. They left off most things that would make the older generation games compatible. Its still possible to patch up the older games yourself to work on Windows 8.

Mr_Writer851931d ago

But that's not putting a disk in and it working tho is it?

If I was someone who knew very little about PC's I'd be quite annoyed if a game I wanted to play didn't work on my PC because of my OS.

Then having to go looking for a solution or paying for it off steam.

PC gamers bat the BC argument too easily because they think console gamers won't know better.

Well I do ;)

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Denethor_II1932d ago

Nintendo have abandoned the core gamer for the casual crowd, and have now realized its pissed over its loyal fan base for a bunch of fickle cunts. They get what they deserve.

batguyz1931d ago

fickle cunts haha
damn straight,they screwed over loyalty for casual crowd who no own a wii and are content with what they have

CuddlyREDRUM1932d ago

To make bad games like Knack?

Skate-AK1932d ago

Ahhhh. I hate Gucci Mane.

On topic. Don't do me like this Nintendo.

DeadlyFire1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Nintendo needs to just move WiiU units so publishers are happy as sales can be normal or greater with decent number of units sold.

I wouldn't be surprised to see WiiU Price drop to $199 or less in its future in 2014.

1932d ago
donman11931d ago

Well Mario, Zelda, Metroid and StarFox on the PS4 will be welcomed. I know the relationship with Nintendo and Microsoft will never permit that from happening in a million years. Nintendo really messed up big time on marketing and supporting the WiiU. I agree that Mario 3D should have been release before the launch of the PS4. I personally own both (WiiU/PS4).

neogeo1931d ago

Nintendo has 18.16 billion in the bank. I don't think they are going anywhere. I watched a stock analyse do some numbers and they said Nintendo has enough money in the bank to fail with 27 systems in a row for over 60 years before I would be bankrupt. Remember Nintendo has more money then Target, and most people think of Target as a big company. Also bigger then Sony.

Tzuno1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Nintendo doesn't spend that much money on advertising their product like MS or Sony does that's why people say that Nintendo is dying. It only needs good games.

FANTA11801931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

i disagree

next year will be wii u's year for exclusives.

especially with its price point 100 dollar or more
under ps4 with games bundled into the sale.

the console will do just fine next year.

nintendos been around long enough to know what theyre doing.

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Neonridr1932d ago

I would definitely have to agree. Nintendo should have maybe waited until the first week in December or pushed the release date up to beat the PS4/XB1. It's tough asking any game to sell well when 2 new gaming consoles release.

That being said, it still doesn't take away from the fact that the game is brilliant and I am enjoying the heck out of it.

Majin-vegeta1932d ago

Agree come on Ninty go back to the SNES days,.

Tzuno1931d ago

Best console for me. Period.

Edi0071932d ago

nintendo make big mistakes one after one maybe wii u is the last home console from them
1. wii u gpu/ cpu
2. releasing console without games just crapy port
3. they rune there best game mario 3d world for releasing it along side nextgen of course every body is thinking of ps4 and xbone
4. no new zelda or metroid or f zero shown......................... ...

MizTv1932d ago

Need that new metroid bad

Theyellowflash301932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

1. This isn't Nintendo's last home console. They have over 10 billion in the bank.

2. Nintendo launch games rated better than the PS4 and Xbox one exclusives.

3. Super Mario 3D World is selling great worldwide. And like all Nintendo games, it will sell for many years

4. Zelda and Metroid are coming.

AsimLeonheart1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

1) Nintendo DOES NOT have $10 billion in the bank. Everyone has been spreading that lie and nobody has even bothered to check the figures from the financial statements themselves. Here check the latest Nintendo financial statement for Fiscal Year 2012 that ended at the beginning of 2013. Check on page 22 in the "cash and deposits" heading.

Nintendo HAD 812.8 billion Yen ($7.7 billion)in fiscal year 2011 and by the end of the fiscal year 2012 they only had 462 billion Yen ($4.4 billion). Their annual running expenses are $3.6 billion which are paid from that cash. Nintendo barely have $0.8 billion excess cash in the bank. That will be even less in the next annual financial statement in 2014 given the performance of the Wii U. Whether this is the last console or not is another matter and only Nintendo knows.

2) Nintendo launch games or first party games may be highly rated but what good are they for Nintendo and Wii U if they do not sell and are unable to sell consoles?

3) SM3DW is NOT selling well as it is evident from its UK and Japan performance. It was touted as a system-seller and the biggest Wii U release. It was supposed to sell much more than what it is selling right now. Nintendo fans were predicting more than 50,000 Wii Us to be shifted in Japan during the release week and it barely moved 21,000. It gets outsold by Knack in UK and you consider it selling great worldwide? It is only performing decently in the US. It will sell more in the long term but that is meaningless because Wii U needs a system seller right now.

4) Zelda and Metroid will come but when? It has been a year since the console released and they have not even been announced yet. Once they are announced they will take at least another year to be released. Will they matter any more by that time?

Please stop this delusional fanboyism and return to your senses. I have seen Blackberry fanboys in a similar state even until the last day when the company filed for bankruptcy and laid off 4,500 employees.

triforce791932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

All this because Knack has outsold 3d world in the uk wow lets see if thats the case in january ? ps4 has just launched so all the hype of a new playstation and with it being christmas everyone wants the new thing which is ps4 ect so when the hype dies down and Bayonetta2/Mariokart8/Smash bros 4 are all out before say may 2014 the wiiu will sell 4 times the ps4 in the UK because Mariokart in the UK is as popular as COD guys....wait and see if i'm right this guy is going on like Mario world is the only game Nintendo have ??? this guy needs to grow up Mario Galaxy 3 has been hinted at......

3D world,WiiFitU,ect ect are all part of Nintendo's strategy which was to release mainstream games in 2013,then bring the hardcore after that....wait and see if I'm right..

mcstorm1932d ago

I hope your right. I do think the wiiu is being underrated by alot of people though. Also here in the uk a lot of the big shops like game etc don't stock much for the wiiu. I spent ages looking for nfs for the wiiu when it came out and the big shops did not have it in. Also went past game in Manchester this weekend and in the Windows were the Xbox one and ps4 nothing for the wiiu and inside they have a small section for the wiiu next to the pre owned bits.

Don't get me wrong I am loving my Xbox one and the voice commands have blown me away in how well it all works and how slick and fast the console is but for me the wily has more games I want at this moment in time and for me it feels like Nintendo are back to there N64 and gamecube dys which I loved . I have Mario 3d world but not played it yet as getting through sonic lost world 1st.

I hope Nintendo can turn it around like they did with the 3ds as it deserves better sales that its getting at the moment.