Sony Files New Trademark Fuelling Knack 3 Speculations

Sony might be gearing to launch a new Knack game, a franchise that has had received quite a polarizing reception from the community.

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OtterX304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

While I did actually enjoy the Knack games, and found the reviews overly harsh, I do feel 2 games were enough unless the series was revitalized in a major way. For me, that would be a new Knack game for PSVR2. With the increased hardware power, those HD particle effects would be pretty awesome, surrounding the player at times. Astrobot proved that platformers can be amazing in VR, so let's hope that's where they're going with this, if real!

_SilverHawk_304d ago

Hopefully sony makes a knack 3 because the previous games were amazing.

MoonConquistador303d ago

Knack was a few things, but amazing wasn't one of them.

TiredGamer304d ago

Agreed there. I went into Knack with the realization that it was a simple platform/brawler (i.e. something akin to a Crash Bandicoot style of simplicity). My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the co-op for what it was. Fun to play in short bursts to take a break from the more serious fare out there. I haven’t played Knack 2, but my understanding was that many of the original’s shortfalls were addressed there.

jznrpg304d ago

Great idea . PSVR2 could make Lnack really shine like Astro Bot

MoonConquistador303d ago

Astrobot was a likeable character. Knack wasn't.

coolbeans304d ago

Translation: the next best game of all time is coming soon! Show me the money, Knack!

Army_of_Darkness303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

Lol! I have both knack 1-2. Second one is fun local co-op action, but to be honest, I don't care for a third installment. I'd rather have a new resistance game!

MoonConquistador303d ago

I'd rather have an enema than a new knack game.

A new killzone, resistance, motorstorm, driveclub or even a days gone sequel would be more welcomed than flogging any more life from the knack series.

CR7JUVE1897304d ago

The sequel no one asked for.

badz149304d ago

speak for yourself!

bring it on, Sony!

coolbeans304d ago

There's been a Knack-sized hole in every gamer's heart since 2 came and went.

OtterX304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

I completely read this comment wrong, but I'll refrain from explaining. XD

Edit - ah screw it... My heart can't wait for Knack to come into that hole for a third time!

OtterX304d ago

@PS-Gamer-1986 Whaaa? You don't have a Knack hole? XD

PhoenixRoar304d ago

Surprised to see them continue this but considering how invested they are in the IP and the wider appeal, there must be some commercial sense to continue with a 3rd title

rippermcrip304d ago

My young kids love playing it. I don't know why all these older people are complaining about it.

jznrpg304d ago

I played them with my younger children and we had a good time .

Lexreborn2303d ago

This… my kids love knack probably more then other mascots. And that’s probably because that’s their generations mascot. It’s undeniable ps4 spoke to a lot of children the last decade more then other competitors that have only been in kids sight for the last 4-5 years.

My kids will flip if this news is real

lellkay304d ago

Both games were actually alright.

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The story is too old to be commented.