Gearbox pres. Randy Pitchford gives a good ol’ “**** you” in response to Borderlands 2 DLC criticism

Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford has taken to Twitter to exchange some not-so-kind words in response to criticisms of recently released downloadable content for Borderlands 2.

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Gazondaily2790d ago

Yeah I would be pi**ed off he said that to me. So much for professionalism.

cleft52790d ago

I am sure Randy is a nice person, but that doesn't change how they outsourced most of the Borderlands 2 dlc and the travesty that is Colonial Marines. People are really surprised at how things went with Gearbox because after Borderlands 1 and the Brothers in Arms series there was this notion that Gearbox is clearly a marque developing studio.

I think that notion is disappearing at a rather rapid rate. I know I am not even bothering with Borderlands 2 anymore and I will be skeptical of any game that comes from Gearbox.

Reibooi2790d ago

I think the thing here is that Gearbox cares about their IP's and not so much for other IP's that they have to work on. Borderlands one was a passion project when they did it and it was a complete shot in the dark and it ended up being a massive hit and BL 2 was better then BL1 in basically every way(yes some people prefer one because of the way the system creates weapons but whatever)

The Brothers in Arms series was always a well made and incredible series as well and it's their IP. So I think they have passion to do the games they WANT to do but other stuff just doesn't get that same amount of polish because they don't have that passion for it like they do with their own IP's.

I'm not saying that is a reason to defend them because they still are responsible for releasing really bad crap like the Aliens game but I think that may be the reason why some of the games they do are incredible and some is crap.

MajorGecko2789d ago

brothers in arms was a beautiful game when i saw that they ruined the TRUE STORY series with some comical ww2 shooter i was saddended

ShinMaster2789d ago

Randy Pitchford says he wants "positive encouragement" instead of any constructive criticism.

Sounds like a spoiled child.

Eddie201012789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

This isn't the first time randy has acted like a douche.

I don't understand why all these game designers need to be so public. It's like they think and want to be rock stars. They should only make comments or discuss games at conferences instead of making random sound bights that often bite them in the ass.

It was much better when we were not getting all this random information and gaming media didn't act like they are CNN or CBS news with a touch of TMZ for good measure.

hiredhelp2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Soo hes a president so he thinks he can say do what he likes eh maybe even push devs around who knows.
Well theres one thing having balls theres another thing disrespecting a oppinion and bringing kids into the subject.. This guy needs be sorted maybe sony ms need firm word with him to say if you carry on we be happy not to take on any gearbox games on our platform.. That shut him up and show him up

tagan8tr2789d ago

It's easy to sit back and talk about professionalism but the truth is these guys hafta deal with every wanna be reviewer with a YouTube channel.Thousands of critique's later I think we all would have a hard time being professional. Go to work and next time a guy who you know can't do your job critique's you tell em thanx. I bet you won't.

Gazondaily2789d ago


"Go to work and next time a guy who you know can't do your job critique's you tell em thanx. I bet you won't."

Haha mate, this happens to me all the time and yet, if I said f*** you, I'd be struck off the roll.

I know what professionalism is and I know that there is no excuse for what he said. I understand his frustration but he has to better compose himself.

tagan8tr2789d ago

@septic yes but your company may have rules against that but we need not apply these rules to him. Pitchford's bosses may give him leave to deal with it his way.

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Statix2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )


It sounds like these two guys know each other pretty well, and are used to using harsh language against each other in sometimes serious (and sometimes not so serious) ways. Judging by the conversation, they appeared to have a pretty good repartee going; a good old fashioned "f*** you" isn't out of the realm of what you would say to one of your friends if you were having a debate about something.

MoveTheGlow2790d ago

Still, it only took Pitchford three public tweets to reach a child abuse analogy... Classy.

H0RSE2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

And as was mentioned, it appears these 2 talk all the time, so professionalism aside, Randy seems like he was simply talking to Jay like 2 chums would talk at a bar. Personally, I applaud him. The overly aggressive hold that politically correctness has over people in the US, makes me want to punch a baby. Guns and violence are okay, but drop an F-bomb or make a domestic abuse joke, now you've gone too far...

It is equally frustrating the notion that celebrities or "professionals" need to conduct themselves in a certain way, as if they are above us normal humans... We go on about all this freedom of speech, but it seems like we're never allowed to actually use it, or maybe we're just to scared to.

Like the Joker said in the 1989 Batman - "This town needs an edema!"

except "town" would be "country."

JackBNimble2789d ago

I doubt it, they may have a loose acquaintance , but if these two are buddies or chums then they really need to consider the forum that they are speaking in. If they were buddies then why not pick up the phone, text or email? Why tweet this shit so everyone can see it and misinterpret it?

BX812790d ago

Maybe I'm wrong on this one , but I see his face and I think of the horrible aliens game I purchased.

TheRacingX2789d ago

I agree 100% but I think SEGA should have not let that game out the door and went after Gearbox hard to overhaul that game. They are to blame too.

BX812789d ago

Ok, I knew I wasn't crazy. Lol. I wasn't 100% but I knew I seen his face around that game.

IaMs122789d ago

I really lost all respect for Randy over the course of this year.

madpuppy2789d ago

Randy Pitchfork is an A$$hat, In stead of saying "yeah, we screwed up" concerning the Aliens:CM debacle, He attacks his critics. and once again, here he is selling an inferior product and being a jerk because people won't just swallow his half baked software.

Screw this guy.

Gekko362789d ago Show
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Excalibur2790d ago

I Really enjoyed both Borderlands games and most of the DLC but the Wattle Gobbler DLC did suck, even if it was only 3 bucks, price should not come into play when it come to quality only quantity.

HiddenMission2790d ago

are you serious price shouldn't matter about quality just's called a budget and expected ROI's

yeah the number means something.

Excalibur2790d ago

What I meant by that is just because I'm paying 3 bucks (as opposed to $10.00) doesn't mean you can release some piece of crap but I can see them releasing less content on a $3.00 piece as opposed to a $10.00 piece, in both cases the quality should be good.

HiddenMission2790d ago

I see what you're saying but I think the saying you get what you pay for really does apply. I bet if the DLC cost $10 the quality of content should reflect. At $3 the quality will reflect this...keep in mind you have games releasing individual DLC weapons and skins for $1 a pop so $3 for an hour or more of game content for a couple of bucks isn't that big of an impact.

admiralvic2790d ago

@ Exaclibur

Gearbox has a pretty nonlinear progression in terms of value and DLC price.

$1 - Costume
$3 - Head Hunter pack
$5 - Creature Slaughter Dome / Level cap increase packs
$9 - Full DLC pack

It's hard to say what you consider "quality", since I consider content to be part of quality. In terms of gameplay, the creature slaughter dome DID play well, was the most challenging dome challenge and offered a completely unique weapon. In terms of value, any level 50 person with legendary gear could beat it with a friend and a decent or above player could probably solo it in under an hour or two.

warczar2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

At least there not trying to convince you that 4 multiplayer maps are worth 20 bucks. Yeah, I'm lookin at you Activision.

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Lord_Sloth2790d ago

You should thank SEGA for paying for them both.

JimmyHACK2790d ago

Pretty sure 90% of the DLC is outsourced.

-Foxtrot2790d ago

It is...thats the main reason I've never touched one bit of the games just doesn't have that certain touch the old games DLC did.

I think when they do Borderlands 3 they need to make it much more like the first game. The sequel was great but it didn't have that feel of the first one despite being much better in most places.

Old Vault Hunters is a must...they all have a new ability now so that can come into play in the sequel.

admiralvic2790d ago

I believe...

Gearbox did both characters, both level packs, the Tina Tiny expansion pack, all the costumes and the Head Hunter packs.

They outsourced Torgue, Scarlet and Big Game hunt.

So like 75% of the important content was outsourced.

first1NFANTRY2790d ago

Stay classy u wretch! This guy is my most disliked person in the gaming industry after that poor excuse called Alien:Colonial Marines. He's right up there with Donnie boy.

Ricegum2790d ago

I don't know what this guy is like, but I appreciate the effort him and his team put in to Borderlands 2 (minus the latest dlcs) Borderlands 2 is easily in my top 5.

modesign2790d ago

people get mad at a piss poor DLC, if people dont buy the dlc, maybe developers will learn something.

Volkama2790d ago

But you don't generally know it is bad until you've bought it... so winding them up on Twitter is probably the best way to go.

modesign2790d ago

when you look at DLC you should be able to know what your getting through the description.

Volkama2790d ago

For sure, but not many publishers describe the content as "Not very good" :)

Murad2790d ago

There are sadly also reviews and previews of many DLC's that you can make a quick judgement based off of it. But sadly, the reason no one doesn't is mostly because of their own self-esteem and believing that they have consumer rights and since they are the consumer, they make the right choice even though they don't.

admiralvic2790d ago

The issue, at least with Borderlands 2, was the amount of quality the first game had and the season pass being offered at launch. Several people bought with faith and got burned.

Mikeyy2789d ago

Agreed, When I got Borderlands 2 and then payed again for the season pass, I thought I would be covered, then all the sudden the pass ended and more and more DLC came out..