Planet Xbox 360 Podcast #9

Do you know the old proverb that tells us a podcast is a dish that is best served cold? It is very cold on the internet. But the Planet Xbox 360 podcast might warm you up.

Microsoft faces a tiny catch-22 with the recent success of the HD-DVD drive and we celebrate All Halo's eve with Halo 3 news (yeah, we couldn't resist a stupid Halloween joke). Microsoft also casts a suspicious eye on Xbox 360 modders.

A nearly forgotten WWII shooter tries to jump back on the bandwagon it built. Finally, a good game gets better with a developer fix. And we complete our story arc with game announcements, site features, and the voice of the people, literally, when FCR Hotshot becomes our first listener voicemail contributor. (51:08)

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beans4460d ago

That was a good show!