Microsoft's Kinect and a bath used to create an interactive game surface

Here is a really interesting application using the Kinect sensor.

5eriously3882d ago

Sorry, saw to late it was a polygon.com submission. Unfortunately this time I gave your site a hit, I will try my best to let it never happen again! That is until you prove you have grown up to be less biased!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

CrossingEden3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Omg people like you REALLY need to stop taking yourselves so seriously. -_- OT: This is pretty epic.

5eriously3882d ago

I would love a Kinect2, if ever it becomes available for PC(wink)I will consider getting one I agree its "epic" I love technology therefore I look at specs and see what's best value for my money. The Kinect2 IMHO would be a very powerful tool and addition with a powerful PC that can utilise all it's capabilities and potential.

zeroskie3881d ago

crap, I did the same thing! next time I'll check the site first.

jerethdagryphon3881d ago

what i see is a sensory room thing for kids with autism :)

ainsleyharriott3881d ago

Can't wait for Kinect 2 for windows. Gonna see some crazy things!


You've Enjoyed Game Pass' Day-One Releases; Now It's Time To Pay The Piper

As exciting as Game Pass' Day-One releases are, sustaining it all is easier said than done; the price hike was all but inevitable.

LG_Fox_Brazil1d 7h ago

Ain't paying jack. MS were the ones who put themselves into this situation

Jin_Sakai1d 6h ago

No thanks. I’ll stick with PlayStation and Nintendo.

InUrFoxHole9h ago

I'll pay. Not getting day 1 with psn or nin

ChasterMies43m ago

At $240 per year, you could just buy day one releases. Also, and I know this may sound crazy, a lot of games are the same or better one year later. You don’t have to pre-order. You don’t have to play day one.

Obscure_Observer1d 2h ago

Imo, Gamepass is just too good to ignore so I don´t give damn about the price hike.

As an Ultimate subscriber since day one, I´ll stick with Ultimate and play many of the most exciting and amazing upcoming AAA games from both XGS and third party developers day one!

Let´s go!

purple10114h ago

imagine subscribing for all these years in wait for greatness, then being served up Luke warm Starfail and Redfail and a bug filled Forza 8, with less tracks than the older one,

all while paying $15, for months on end,

PhillyDonJawn11h ago

You forgot getting fed Outerworlds, Gears, Forza Horizon, Halo, Stalker, Ori, MLB, Yakuza, Doom eternal, Ea access. sound like good eating to me

DivineHand12511h ago(Edited 11h ago)

It's mostly day-one 3rd party releases on Game Pass. Xbox sparsely releases 1st party titles as you all know. Several day-one titles are being released this month and none of them are 1st party

Reaper22_10h ago

Don't kid yourself. Forza is the best in the genre and gamepass is still the best deal out there. You sony guys know that because you're so emotional over this stuff. Microsoft is in your head. First with the purchase of Activision and then with the latest showcase. But don't fret. Everything is gonna be OK. Ive heard that PS Home is planning to come back next year. Possibly in VR. Now that sounds interesting.

Lightning778h ago

@Divine few Months later it's all about 1st party again, yet wasn't the case at the beginning of the the year, man I wonder why..... That argument came right back around in no time, didn't take long. Hell I been hearing that almost a year now it's been about 3rd party.

Then wants Indy and Avowed drop it'll be about 3rd party right.

No consistency just pure clownery.

FinalFantasyFanatic2h ago

What about those of us who are predominantly Nintendo or PC? I still think it's a meh service, but I also didn't see much point upgrading from PS Essential either.

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Eonjay11h ago


What price would be too high for you? Is there such a thing?

PhillyDonJawn11h ago

$30 a month. That's too much at that point. Till then price hike don't effect me. Just got 4 3 months card for $31 a piece

InUrFoxHole9h ago

Whoaaaa there sir. I agree the value is still there but i certainly care about the price hike. Push back now and guard the future. Look at sony. Gamers said nothing now they're dealing with gaas

S2Killinit15m ago(Edited 15m ago)

Aren’t xbox also “dealing with gaas”. MS has a much smaller single player footprint than Sony.

Einhander197220h ago

I bet the standard tier turn into the wasteland that games with gold was before they turned it into game pass so they wouldn't have to give away monthly games or anything you could keep and boost subscribers numbers so Phil could release numbers months after they said they weren't going to reveal numbers anymore. (totally not another lie of course...)

Elda13h ago

It was inevitable. Folks have to realize any & everything goes up in price, no matter what it is.

jznrpg13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

Agreed but they said it would not go up because of the acquisition and it clearly went up because of it. If they didn’t BS so much it wouldn’t be as big of a deal imo,

Elda11h ago

Any company saying that is BS, it should definitely go in one ear & out the other. Again....prices go up eventually no matter what it is.

FinalFantasyFanatic2h ago

From experience, I hear a lot of companies say, "we will not raise prices", only to shortly after raise the price, there's no way they could sustain Gamepass without a price increase.


Good luck explaining that to a certain fanboy group…

Outside_ofthe_Box12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

Tried telling that to a certain fanboy group when game and console prices went up 🤷🏾‍♂️. I remember the company being able to afford to eat rising costs being the rebuttal.
Bet you weren't as understanding of that concept then as you are now huh?