PS4 EU launch turns into chaos at select locations

The PS4 launched in Europe today, not all places took advantage of a queueing system...

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Tony-A2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

The madness is real. Being a gamer that grew up along side the PlayStation in the 90s (I started on NES), I can't remember the last time I heard so many people around me talking about PlayStation. I hear it everywhere now, I feel like I'm 12 again (that's about how old I was when the PS2's rapid rise to fame began).

Magicite2801d ago

The Glory Days are back!

MestreRothN4G2801d ago

Now with Playstation War Z!

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PudgeySan2801d ago

If square Enix was smart.. in which we know they are not BUT! if they were every thinking of reviving Cloud for a FF.. Now would be the time.

clouds52800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

With KZ:Shadowfall and Knack??? Oh yeah glory glory. Let's all sit in a circle and sing worship songs to Mark Cerny that built us a lowcost gaming PC with AMD hardware that only plays a few mediocre titles. Sony has done a good PR job...

I just don't get people sometimes.

ufo8mycat2800d ago

clouds5? Mediocre titles?

NBA 2k14

Yeah such mediocre titles.....

Irishguy952800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

KZ - Sucks
Resogun - Couldn't even call it a Ps1 era game. Doesn't count
NBA/FIFA - Lol. 360/Ps3 game
BF4 - Broken
AC4 - Last gen game

Seriously. There are two games there that are exclusive to Ps4. One of them is not worth paying for, and the other is well...would you buy a 360 for Geometry wars? A Ps3 for Super stardust? No you wouldn't. There a nice extra. But have no relevance overall. Just like Resogun.

- Wait till March/April

No madness
Actual next gen games will be out and good ones at that.(Driveclub, Infamous, Witcher 3, and many more)
Skip the potential for a broken launch console

NewMonday2800d ago

and this is just the start inFamous, the Order, Deep Down, Helldivers, Rime and Shadow of the Beast up next and if Sony/Sega confirm Yakuza Ishin I will be over the moon.

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Nemesis45672800d ago

Wow you sound super butt hurt right now. Don't playa hate, congratulate.

mikeslemonade2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

^ That's what I been saying it's gonna take over the PS2 sales. I was right last gen in saying the PS3 would beat the xbox 360.

And I've been seeing some of the same comments. "But there are no games". The games are coming and owning a launch system is an experience. Sometimes gaming is just more than about the games. It's about life, like knowing you are one of the few owning a launch system and other people have yet to experience even touch the controller or touch the system. I just don't find it as fun or rewarding to wait for a system that I'm gonna get anyway. You're gonna be paying the same price when the "games" come out anyway.

And you might not even be able to get a system when you want it. The Wii was sold out for an entire year. I was in line for a cheap TV on Black Friday. And the two highschoolers in front of me were in line for the PS4. It took them two hours to find out the the PS4 wasn't even in stock. I said to myself I'm glad I got one and to have nothing to worry about.

It's kind of like the mindset of girls who own jewlery. It doesn't do anything but it's a luxury to own and to show off.

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Rikuide_Furame2801d ago

Personally I found the parents, desperate to make their child's Xmas, far more frenzied than us gamers ;)

cleft52801d ago

Same here, whenever I am out shopping during the holidays I make sure to just let the parents go first. I may not get my stuff, but I understand that the parents just want to make their kids Christmas.

mikeslemonade2800d ago

I think it's either unethical or ignorant that the retailer would just stock the PS4s in a random aisle like that and then think the people are gonna police themselves. So they're either stupid that they didn't know the PS4 was in demand, or they chose to do this so it would get out on the news which is not ethical.

I'm not so sure that these are parents buying for the kids. I'd say it's mainly for themselves or people trying to flip the system. Considering the demographic of PlayStation gamers is biggest from 18-35.

XisThatKid2801d ago

The Days of Greatness mates!!!

UnholyLight2801d ago

And to think I preordered the PS4 and made sure to nab some games, the camera, and an extra controller beforehand....Only to find out there was no midnight launch (Xbox One did in my area tho for some reason) and I just strolled in like a boss with a big grin on my face and was out $700 within 10mins!!!

nosferatuzodd2801d ago

real talk man i finally stand in line from 7pm yestuday waiting for the game stop midnight sale in NYC i got a ps4 guys showed up in cars threatening the game stop rep if he doesn't get one for is son what hes going to do to him i got escorted by NYPD to my house it was crazy

tawak2801d ago

meanwhile in Xbone...................

Xer0_SiN2801d ago

im glad that the ps4 lived up to the hype.

clouds52800d ago

It did? Can you elaborate plz :)

Xer0_SiN2800d ago

i dont understand. what do you need me elaborate? sony listened to its consumers; actually gave the consumers more than their monies worth. and it only gets better from here.

Irishguy952800d ago

Not really...I mean...sure in a way..but - as always games are the most important part. It WILL live up to the hype...soon. Within a few months. People who get the Ps4's day 1 get mediocre games. Essentially just a waste of a system for a few months. Theres nothing worth getting a next gen console for yet.

Ps4 will live up to the hype.
I hope the X1 manages to surpass it's own hype(lack of hype) and puts up some competition again this gen. More games the merrier.

Xer0_SiN2800d ago

strictly from a system standpoint, i think sony did a fantastic job with the price point and what you get. as far as launch titles, i will admit. that none of them interested me (im an rpg/horror fan). i picked up shadowfall, and as a person who doesnt really like fps (last fps i played was kz2 when it first game out), i cant realy get enough of the multiplayer, even though my "k/d" ratio sucks LOL.

UnholyLight2798d ago


In a sense I agree with you, the console is AMAZING, BUT...I found Killzone to be not as great as KZ2 or 3 from what I've played of those games (never owned a PS3). I find myself spending all of my gaming time on my PS4 on Battlefield.

First party wise I'd say it's a good showing on PS4, but still a little lacking. Other than Battlefield I don't really do anything on my PS4. Same goes for Xbox One, it's just playing Forza all the time and there's not really any features there yet...But this is the teething stage, day 1 consoles will always be lacking in the features and games that were catered to us 1 or 2 years after the console launches of PS3 and Xbox 360!

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Consoldtobots2801d ago

do you guys think we will see the return of 3rd party exclusives?

Ps4Console2801d ago

Where I live it was crazy fisty cuffs galore , what actually happened if you didn't pre-order with game before the 6th August you couldn't get a Ps4 console on launch night but they didn't tell the customers that so those who couldn't have there console a small minority were upset hehe not funny because it was mayhem , I'am glad they couldn't fight it was just a couple of rolls on the floor very funny though haha .

showtimefolks2800d ago

i had a pre order but when UBI delayed watch dogs and sony delayed drive club i cancelled my pre order at gamestop, i guess i shouldn't have lol. Could have sold it for a lot on ebay

but i am glad i didn't get it because i wouldn't get any games to play on it so waste of money, will get it with MLB the show 14 and Infamous 2nd son

but the glory days of playstation are back

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bahabeast2801d ago

Im not getting one till next year when i get my bonus from work. Luckily none of my close friends have one yet cuz that would defiantly force me to buy one

MannGamer2801d ago

I went behind my friends back and bought one. Now they are all mad at me and getting ready to hopefully buy theirs too.

ShowGun9012801d ago

thats what people dont get about early adopters... if were friends and i bought one, thats gonna drive you to buy one, and not just either one, the SAME one! early adopters are important, because it sets trends that ripple out through circles of friends (and friends of friends!)

Ps4Console2801d ago

Good for you you'll enjoy it because it's a awesome console .

stuna12801d ago

The nay-sayers need to stop kidding themselves, the PS4 is headed for world domination! This is not a slight on the competitors, it's just reality. Sony placed the focus where it belongs.....on the gamers.

LOL_WUT2801d ago

Wow they bumped into the ps4 causing one to drop. Again what is it with GameStop? They had us standing in line and for what everyone just rushed in through the door. And if you did manage to get in they had people confused whether to get a ticket or just line up at the register what a bad experience. ;)

MightyNoX2801d ago

Makes me so happy. All the peeps who worked so hard to help destroy gaming said the PS4 would fail because its not 'innovative' or relying on stupid gimmicks.

rezzah2801d ago

Those who wanted to see the downfall of the PS4 didn't get their wish.

NoLongerHereCBA2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Edit: Never mind, typed something that wasn't completely true.

Everyone who bought their PS4 in Europe; Enjoy!!