US PlayStation Plus: December Preview

Kristine Steimer // Sr. Community Specialist writes: GRID 2 launched to critical acclaim earlier this year for its successful mixing of arcade and simulator styles. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, on the other hand, is more of a kart racer, complete with power ups but the ever-shifting tracks means your badass kart can also transform into a plane or boat.

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I_am_Batman1876d ago

Wake up or you'll miss the great games.

PeaSFor1876d ago

Borderlands 2, Dyad, GRID 2, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed, Urban Trial Freestyle

...meanwhile on XB Gold, Gears Of War & Shoot Many Robots.

Prime1571876d ago

These free games for XBLive: Gears of War...


UltimateMaster1876d ago

Well, it's not like everyone already played it.
Oh wait...

Jaqen_Hghar1876d ago

how's Games with Gold working out for ya?

Ripsta7th1876d ago

Idk if you guys are aware but Mika happens to be a harcore PS fan

ShinMaster1876d ago


More like hardcore troll.

levian1876d ago

Borderlands, pretty awesome! I bought it on PC for like 10 bucks but didn't play it much cause most of my friends are on ps3 - now it looks like we'll be having some fun.

Back-to-Back1876d ago

If you havent play borderlands do so asap. Grid 2 looks like a nice racer. Interested in also trying dyad.

NeloAnjelo1876d ago

Yawn at a good deal? Right ok

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Neonridr1876d ago

I am guessing nothing new for the PS4. Looks like they are extending Contrast and Resogun as the free games for the month of December.

I really need to get one or two of those PS+ cards. Shame that they won't be offering the $30 sale on the PSN Store. I didn't want to have to physically go out to get them, but hopefully here in Canada they will do a similar promotion.

PLAYER50951876d ago

there was another article that stated that the ps+ will be offered for the same price on amazon

admiralvic1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Amazon is doing the promotion if you can get in on that. Same with BestBuy, Walmart, Toys R Us and of course, GameStop.

TheGrimReaper00111876d ago

no offence, but that was to be expected
PS4 just launched. It would be a bit difficult to already release more new games to give away
All the games are not even 2 months old at this point and the library isnt really big enoug to give away games left and right

Neonridr1876d ago

how does it work exactly (new Playstation owner). Let's say in January they release two new games that are free to Playstation Plus members, do the games Contrast and Resogun stay free for PS+ members? Or do they change over each month making new games free and the old ones not free?

admiralvic1876d ago

They release games.
You "purchase" them.
As long as you have plus, the PSN believes you bought these games and will work like any game you actually bought. So if they change games, you continue to own the previous games and can buy the new games.
Once your plus expires, you can renew and reobtain all the games you had before or move on with your life.

TheGrimReaper00111876d ago

You buy the free games.
Games don't stay free for ever, however, if you bought them, you can download them whenever you want.
PS plus is needed to then play them.
So here is a hint.
Let's say you HDD is full and you have no room to download any games, but let's say Killzone is on PS+ for a month or so
No problem, just "buy" the game (which is then free) and it will be in your download history. Anytime you want to download the game, you can go to your download history and download and play the game for free.
This is to persuad people to pay for PS+ as fast as possible
A person who has PS+ for a year will have more games than a person who gets it for 1 month.
Another example:
Wipeout 2048, Uncharted 3, Metal Gear Solid HD vita, motorstorm, and more. All these games WERE free on ps+ at a certain time. Not anymore. I dont have metal gear solid HD vita, but I still "bought" it and now at any time (as long as i am ps+ member) i can redownload that game and play it
That's why the Instant game Collection on PS4 wont update in the beginning as much as ps3 and vita because of the smaller library of games

Snookies121876d ago

Yeah, you can just buy them on Amazon on the 29th for $30 and they'll give you the code right off the bat. Don't have to worry about getting a physical card.

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yellowgerbil1876d ago

NO PS4 GAMES!!!!!! Come on I was hoping for at least something little like the Flower game or something.

Lowsnamebrand1876d ago

I have flower... just buy it flat out you won't be disappointed... Plus its a cross buy between ps3,v, and 4

Prime1571876d ago

I used the 10$ on flower, definately a unique game that I'm loving.

Also, "I remember hearing them say that NA was considering Resogun and Contrast as december's freebies. Since the PS4 isn't out yet in other continents."

Prime1571876d ago

I remember hearing them say that NA was considering Resogun and Contrast as december's freebies. Since the PS4 isn't out yet in other continents.

WeAreLegion1876d ago

Those are already free though.

MestreRothN4G1876d ago

New PSN+ standard?

If you think carefully, you'll realize PSN+ will be awful for PS4 for a long time. Or what? They'll offer BF4? Knack? InFamous SS?

Nope. Only awful titles like Contrast and alikes.

Dislike as much as you want. No games for December is already obviously in this direction.

Thatguy-3101876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Does anyone know when Outlast will come out? Don't forget we also have F2P games too.

xPhearR3dx1876d ago

Just Starve is going to be free in January, and Drive Club will be in what? February? Those are just two games that I know of that they said will be free. Yeah it sucks there's no even an indie title for PS4 this month, but with all the sales going on, I'll have some more PC games to play when I don't feel like playing the PS4 games I currently have.

Back-to-Back1876d ago

So your judging ps plus for ps4 after less than 1 month. You will be eating crow when driveclub launches.

MestreRothN4G1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

1. Don't starve is below 80 on metacritic.
2. Driveclub is a freetoplay game.
3. Feb? No one knows when the f2p game is coming out.

Point sustained.

Outlast is the only good (80+) full game for PS+ on the horizon.

dragon821876d ago

Driveclub is not a F2P game. It is a full retail game that will have a physical disc version. PS+ is getting a free "watered down" version of the game.

Snookies121876d ago


1. Who cares what a game scores. It's about personal opinion. Try it for yourself before you act like it's a bad game. I would feel really bad if you just played games based on their review scores, since you'll be missing out on a LOT of really unique and amazing titles.
2. Driveclub is definitely not free to play. It's a full retail game. The PS+ edition just has a little less to it than the retail version.
3. Well, I'm not sure what you mean for your third point...

NeloAnjelo1876d ago

Have you played contrast?

Apparently the story is amazing with some poor platforming. It's free and I play for story. Anyways let's see what Sony has in store for plus. So far they have not disappointed.

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nope1111876d ago

Yay, we also got the sega racing game!

I already own Borderlands 2. good game, but the drop rates for legendary are f**king god-awful.

Jaqen_Hghar1876d ago

A man never got to try the second one so he'll certainly be picking that up

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