Four editors discuss everything GOW while we wait for the review.

From "On Tuesday, we will have a Gears of War review to unleash upon the internet. Microsoft's biggest game of the year has finally arrived, and in a matter of days pretty much everyone we know will be playing it.
But since everyone is clamoring for more stories on the game leading up to that day, we rounded up some of the Gears fans in the office and put together a roundtable chat based on what we've seen over the past year and a half. There'll be plenty more to say come Tuesday, but read on for a discussion of hype, trailers, puke, and the Gears/Resistance/Zelda battle."

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PS360PCROCKS4454d ago

Wow their kinda oxy morons, they say one thing than another and than go back to what they said before...I think their right about the only hardcore gamers knowing because I have tried telling people about this and no one had any clue what this game was, I think through word of mouth this game will be huge, people will buy a 360, some friend will say "dude try this game" purely for the awesome visuals, and I think than it will be a big deal, I didn't like the "When has insomniac made a bad game and epic a great one?" kind of a stupid comment, epic has made plenty of good games and their still around so they obviously don't suck. Also, why do they make it sound so far-fetched for Epic to make a great game? I mean insomniac has what, Ratchet and clank and now resistance? I honestly don't know but I know their known for ratchet...I see it like this, they praise and praise the game in writing, and in their videos, and than they do this discussion and theirs like a guy or two making it sound like this game in no way will be big, in no way lives up to the hype, and in no way have anything to do with selling Xbox 360's, which I just don't buy, guess we will wait the two days and see, but honestly come Tuesday, watch they'll praise it once again...

candystop4454d ago

Trust me I see where your coming from! If Gears has a Stellar story than this will be the game to talk about for a long time! Also I think RFOM will be a great game for a launch title but don't see it (and I could be wrong) being on the same level as GOW regardless of what it's got going on! I mean everybody keeps on saying how PS3 launch games look as good as 2nd gen 360 games but what's confusing me is I thought GOW was the 1st 2nd generation 360 game? Does anybody else see where im coming from because this just isn't making sense how everybody comparing these games! The only thing on PS3 that as of this moment can even compare to GOW is Motostorm, and thats not out for awhile and then by the time it does release who knows what other games will be out for 360!

ACE4454d ago

wait till u can play ps3 games cos its not all that in the flash . gow is a better game than r-fom , i personely would rather play call of duty 3 than resisstence . motorstorm looks borring to play if ms brings out rally challange 3, it should blow motorstorm away. on top of this have a look at rally challange 2 on xbox u can easily compare that to motorstorm on ps3. to me its the same old smoke and mirrors tricks by sony .

i would like to stress out that when r-fom was tested on a local network and on sonys network it ran fine cos it was running on an empty network of 40 people , now add 1-2 million people on the network and on top of this people with 1meg broadband etc it WILL NOT RUN LAG free this is fact and this is more sony smoke and mirrors trickery .

peace out :)

THWIP4454d ago

Shoe: I predict Resistance will be less clichéd than Gears.

Luke: God, Gears is like every sci-fi cliché wrapped up in a fraternity filled with empty beer cups.

R:FOM isn't full of cliches?!'s a short list:

- Humanoid/alien enemies
- Sci-fi shooter story with little new to offer(and yes...the "alternate timeline HAS been done)
- Varied class/size enemies, including small Alien "face-hugger" types.
- Standard FPS display, with the same "gun-sway" movement we've seen in every FPS in the past 15 years.

Besides that, R:FOM is NOWHERE NEAR Gears in the graphics department. The blocky character models for the enemies is laughable...PS2 quality.