Persona What? Atlus Has Lost Their Minds

After what seems like months since Atlus set up their teaser website to announce something related the beloved Persona series an announcement was finally made, and folks it’s a doozy.

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Snookies121793d ago

The 3DS game and the Vita game look like jokes. P5 though, that's all that matters to me.

Kingthrash3601793d ago

so saddened they didnt give a vita version of p5 or even p4-2...but a dancing game???????????????????????

Snookies121793d ago

Well, Persona games have all come out on Sony handhelds later on with stuff added on. So I expect we'll see P5 on Vita at some point. :]

jc485731793d ago

I wonder if Sega had anything to do with it. You know that one game called Hatsune Miku? The thing is, Persona is actually popular for the music, so I really don't find this surprising that they are making a "dancing" game out of it with all your favorite music.

tiffac0081793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Bro, you may not like this and I'm sure a lot more won't but according to this:

The dancing game is set 6 months after the event of P4. So umm... I think we are looking at a side story here that is part of the overall canon.

Edit: I'm now starting to think they can add the 3DS spin-off into the main canon and will just have some sort of ending where the characters forget it all happened. I mean its talking about the P3 team getting transported to the P4 world (or timeline). ^^;;

adarker1793d ago

You know that's right.

vork771793d ago

if we can have kanji and teddy join risa i will buy this

Chrono1793d ago

The 3DS game doesn't seem on the same level as P3 or 4 but still looks fun, kinda Persona Lite.

TheLastGuardian1793d ago

P4D should have music from Persona 3 too.

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The story is too old to be commented.