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"Is the Xbox One the reason you are alone? Thousands of gamers and multimedia addicts queued up in all sorts of weather conditions for the launch of the new Xbox. If you happen to be one of these people displaying this type of obsessive behavior, it could also be the reason behind your partner walking out or the fact that you are still alone"

- Op-ed by By Melissa McDonald (
- Las Vegas Guardian Express

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BippityBoppityB001879d ago

Ooh someone sat alone on their anniversary waiting for furs and flowers whilst their significant other journeyed around Cirodil picking flowers for potions. Glad my other half is a gamer too. We both like wildly different games but but have found a few we get to play together. Sounds like the author was just butthurt (not in the good way) she couldn`t compete. Which is ridiculous, women have most if not all the power in a relationship. Sounds like she gave up too easily. Had she never read the Trojan women?
This article reads more like whiny b1tch left boyfriend because he didn` t pay her enough attention. Relationships are a two way street. I wonder just how accommodating she was with her beau`s hobby?

That wasn`t an article about how addiction can lead to isolation, or how more people arw becoming disenfranchised perhaps due to this always connected fantasy world. That would have been completely acceptable. This was a rant by a girl wanting to have the last word in a fight with her boyfriend. This was NOT journalism.

Perhaps the Xbox might be the reason why some people are alone, which is why I hypothosize that the PS3 / PS4 / PSV is the reason so e people are together.
After much shooting or solving puzzles or plonking at plastic periphirals, we can always team up on our vitas in bed and play pixeljunk monsters or someother co-op.

Perhaps if the author had made an effort, her xbox playing partner might have noticed and done something she wanted to do. Of course this may have actually happened but author wrote a 2 dimentional puff peice devoid of critical thinking.

I`m shocked how angry this article made me.
For the record, the author needs to own her own statements. The xbox is not the reason HE is alone (he`s not btw) xbox is the reason YOU are alone.

Drewidian1879d ago

I agree with you somewhat. It sounds like she is in a relationship that isn't what she wants. They aren't right for one another. He has his interests. She has hers and if she wants a guy who has her interests she should find one that does and not try to change a guy to have the same interests as her or she can accept her partner for who he is and what his interests are, but it doesn't sound like she is willing to do that.