Rumor: The PS3 Launch Day Game List

Sony won't tell us, mostly because they don't want to make any promises that aren't 100 percent confirmed, but here's the list of what Playstation 3 games will be available at Best Buy and when:
PS3-Call of Duty 3 7917043 T $59.99 Nov. 14
PS3-Full Auto 2 7917365 T $59.99 Nov. 14
PS3-Genji 8136297 T $59.99 Nov. 14
PS3-Madden NFL '07 7916945 E $59.99 Nov. 14
PS3-NBA 2K7 8136322 E $59.99 Nov. 14
PS3-NHL 2K7 8137143 E $59.99 Nov. 14
PS3-Resistance: Fall of Man 7917025 M $59.99 Nov. 14
PS3-Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07 8136304 E $59.99 Nov. 14
PS3-Tony Hawk's Project 8 7917114 T $59.99 Nov. 14
P3-Need for Speed: Carbon 7917061 $59.99 Nov. 21
Hit the jump for the list of Blu-ray movies and accessories that will be available for the PS3.

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x440Magnumx4455d ago

So that's what, 2 exclusive titles?

Lame. And five of them are already out on 360.

joemutt4454d ago

Full auto 2 is not going to be fun, and genji??

Looks like they just have resistance, but if I were to get a FPS, it would be COD3, so there really is no reason to get a ps3 for a while, thats good to know.

FeralPhoenix4454d ago

I guess its a decent launch list for those who are PS3 fans only because theres a few exclusives and if you like sports games theres plenty to choose from.

I think this has to be somewhat disapointing to those the "EARLY" adopter hardcore fans of "BOTH" consoles because this launch line-up only has 3 exclusives so for those who already own a 360; IMO opinion from what I've seen so far only RFOM even comes close to being a standout exclusive launch title.....I wonder how accurate this list actually is?....for all we know it could be more or less....What happened to RR7?, I'm positive that RR7 was a launch game, right?

Anyway since I decided awhile ago to wait to get my PS3, it will have something exclusive I want by the time I pick it up.

Oncnawan4453d ago

Where are the games that are going to appeal to the Japanese gamer? Genji is the only one that would appeal to that demographic. Two shooters, some sports games and a racing game that is not Ridge Racer. This is a flop, software-wise, in Japan.

They should have some more Japanese-centric games in their launch window, but this lineup for launch DAY speaks volumes about Japan's importance to Sony this generation.