Microsoft to sever all ties with KSI

"At the Xbox One launch in London last night, KSI performed a song with three other artists, which was one part of a ten-hour event featuring a main stage show, Xbox One gameplay, and a midnight launch for hundreds of our fans," said a Microsoft spokesperson. "This does not represent Microsoft's endorsement of KSI's personal views, and we are not planning on working with KSI in the future."

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xHeavYx3661d ago

If they really say they didn't know about KSI, then that's the nail in the coffin for MS PR. The amount of stuff they come up with, from using PC BF4 footage. From the French marketing director saying that the One is 4 times more powerful connected to the internet, is just too much

majiebeast3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Im just happy they responded quickly and severed all ties to him.

Seems like Phil Harrison was not amused at all. Now lets hope EA does the same thing.

DatNJDom813660d ago

Who is KSI? I'm serious I don't know who he is. Why is he relevant? What contribution did he make to the gaming community? I really don't know who he is.

majiebeast3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

You really want to know?

Be prepared for scum of the earth.

darthv723660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

sometimes there are those who make the decision to have an individual be part of something only to find out later they didnt do their homework.

a good example is sinead o'connor on SNL. When she performed, the people at SNL thought having her perform would be a good idea as she was popular in the music media. But her actual performance came into serious question when she tore up a photo of the pope after her performance and said "fight the real enemy".

there was quite the backlash from that stunt and SNL had no prior knowledge of her intent. Now, in regards to Ms, they wanted someone who was popular with the gamers but obviously they didnt do a background check to see if this was the RIGHT person to get to be part of their event.

It happens.

pyramidshead3660d ago

Just watched that video...lol wtf?!

DatNJDom813660d ago Show
Maddens Raiders3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Haha what's so bad about him? He's just another shock jock like Howard Stern or Tosh 2.0, but those guys thrive and no one says a thing.

Jelly people will be jelly.

edit/: and for the record, motorboating FTMFW

FunAndGun3660d ago

@Maddens Raiders

So it is perfectly acceptable for me to go up to your wife, mom, daughter, IN A PUBLIC PLACE, and call them big tits, no tits, or if I can motorboat them?

And when you get mad, I just say "Jelly people will be jelly."

Then everything is cool?

PoSTedUP3660d ago

i would break that kids nose if i ever saw him. two wrongs dont make a right but i bet My wrong would make a lot of people happy. **** that a** h***.

MS needs to fire their PR, they can pay me less to do a Much much better job...

sincitysir13660d ago

Matt's gunna be on someone's hitlist!!

NikonSteve3660d ago

Haha, I totally just subscribed to his youtube channel! That motorboat was great stuff!

guitarded773660d ago

MS should apologize for having crappy music performances during the launch. I was hoping for a few announcements, and some good looks at some of the games, but nope. Just a wanker DJ mouse and a white guy rapping.

MiloGarret3660d ago

Of course you would PoSTed UP, of course you would.

/facepalms (plural)

PoSTedUP3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

waddaya trying to say, MiloGarret? either doubting me or mocking me, or both :P. either way you have No idea, a real man doesnt tollerate this behvior.

XboxFun3660d ago


That was offensive? Maybe years of Howard Stern, Jackass and Ali G/Bruno (plus nay other imitator) has really made me a non-feeling beast because that youtube video was tame compared to other things I have watched.

SnotyTheRocket3660d ago

So, you put his worst rated video on here, just to sum up your views on him? He's pretty funny.
I'll leave this here.

PoSTedUP3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

@xboxfun- satire in a videogame, howard stern, jackass and tosh.o is a lot different than going out in public and touching women inappropriately without their permission. i would call that sexual harassment. and specifically targeting a random women to ask her if she s**** d***? that is also sexual harassment. he deserves to get his ass beat.

@snotytherocket- he has a couple of videos of him doing this and some he was asked to remove. hes funny? ...and people saw chris brown as a good preformer...

memots3660d ago

but this is the market for Xbox.

Anon19743660d ago

Yeah, thankfully this is the first and hopefully last time I hear about this guy.

Anarki3660d ago

This guy isn't funny.

JohnnyBadfinger3660d ago

What's KSI?

Never heard of it before



It's the squeezy part of vaginal rinsing devices. a.k.a. Douchebag.

ThanatosDMC3660d ago

No idea who the *uck this douchebag is but good thing Phil got it together to cut him off. He looks exactly like those a-holes I used to deal with on my old job.

Dee_913660d ago

dont know who he is but I just looked at his youtube
he's got some funny videos.
Lmao at all these saints in the comments. so what the dude is a douche bag. so are a million other people.whinning about in the comments sections accomplish nothing..
Lmao at Microsoft "cutting him off"
KSI YOU ARE NOT INVITED TO OUR NEXT LAUNCH PARTY IN 2025.. even though most of us wont even be working for msft by that time... but still you're CUT OFF.

indysurfn3660d ago

This man reminds me of Judge Judy. Why do people watch people insult and humilliate others? Are they
A, Sadistic,
B, Masochistic,
C, fools,
D, A and C,
E, B and C

I think D.

DragonKnight3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

KSI is not bad at all, he can be pretty funny. That awkward video was intended to be that way, you should watch his Q&A's and gaming vids.

Here's a Q&A he did with his dad.


One of his skits


And a gaming video


Don't judge the guy by one video.

**EDIT** How the hell is it harassment when the person who should feel harassed willingly went along with what KSI was asking (motorboat at the Eurogamer Expo) them to do? There was no coercion or force of any kind, they could have said no, and yet the article says he harassed people. Gee, I guess if you're ok with something, it's still harassment anyway.

pixelsword3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Wait a sec; people are always complaining about other people being sensitive and being politically correct and he was neither: so why is he not funny when he was being what other people say people should be?

I don't think he's funny, but I believe all people should be comfortable and not harassed regardless of their differences.

SilentNegotiator3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Oh, it's THAT guy -_-
Good work not doing 3 seconds of research, MS.

"Wait a sec; people are always complaining about other people being sensitive and being politically correct and he was neither: so why is he not funny when he was being what other people say people should be? "

...there's "not being politically correct" and then there's "sexually harassing every woman in the room and expecting people to laugh"...

DragonKnight3660d ago

@SilentNegotiator: You can't call it sexual harassment unless there was a clear refusal or lack of desire. The women didn't say know, they didn't even hint at a no, therefore it's not sexual harassment. And no, they can't say yes and then later change their mind and say they were uncomfortable and only did it because of the camera, that's a cop out.

If they didn't want him to motorboat them, then they'd have said no, and for the women who didn't appreciate the comments, then yes he did sexually harass them but stop trying to lynch the guy. It's not like he publicly raped them.

Pozzle3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

"You can't call it sexual harassment unless there was a clear refusal or lack of desire. The women didn't say know, they didn't even hint at a no, therefore it's not sexual harassment."

Wtf. A woman (or man) shouldn't NEED to say "no" to stop creeps from sexually harassing them. It's common sense that making comments about a stranger's boobs or whether they want to be motorboated isn't appropriate, unless they say they're ok with it first. Nobody should be put on the spot like that.

SilentNegotiator3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )


Forget the freaking motorboat. He's going up to a bunch of women and making completely inappropriate comments, making sexual motions, and touching women with a microphone.

He doesn't need to "rape" anyone for it to be sexual harassment. It's clear that most of these women don't want the attention that he's giving them.

What if you were wearing tight shorts and I, a complete stranger, came up to you saying "Hey, small penis. Where did your penis go? Can I grab your penis? Why aren't you jerking off?" and then I started pretending to suck a dick and touched a microphone to your penis, all while you tried to work?
........could you even imagine if people did that to you in your workplace?!?

G20WLY3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

^DragonKnight. Wow. :(

I always agree with your comments, you sure know your gaming chat.

But boy are you WAY off the mark with this one. This thread gives a good insight into people outside of gaming.

Someone above mentioned "but this is the market for Xbox", maybe he's right and they're aiming for socially irresponsible juveniles. That would be a shame, as I thought Live was trying to move away from that image.

If that's the case, MS is being as disrespectful to it's user base as this fool is to random women, as they seem to think they'd enjoy this sort of thing.

What he does is not okay and MS PR "mistake" is not okay either. They're paid to know.

DragonKnight, step away from the light son, let's get back to gaming, you're committing N4G suicide here lol :)