To Spin or Not to Spin: Does Microsoft Need Xbox?

...Some critics say Microsoft should spin the gaming unit off. They argue that Xbox distracts management from the company's fast-growing cloud computing business and its effort to catch up to rivals in tablet and smartphone sales.

Here are Xbox's pros and cons:

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Muffins12232768d ago

No,its a small percentage of the company compared to other stuff(I heard xbox makes up around 10% of the company)

Eonjay2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

No. They don't "need" Xbox. In, fact, they could sell it for profit and make an incredible amount of money by selling live as a service to the purchaser.

The industry, however, does need Xbox. Competition is a necessity. The only reason why Sony got its act together is because of the competition if faced with Microsoft.

MasterCornholio2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

"The industry, however, does need Xbox. Competition is a necessity. The only reason why Sony got its act together is because of the competition if faced with Microsoft.

My only issue with this comment is this, people assume that if Microsoft sell the Xbox brand the Xbox will cease to be a competitor to the PS4. Now while this may be true if the company who buys the brand only uses it to sell multimedia products like DVR boxes others will continue to use it as a brand for gaming. And with this continued focus on gaming will insure competition for the PS4 as long as they dont dedicate the brand to casual gamers or mobile games.

In short, Microsoft selling off the Xbox One doesnt mean that Sony will lose a competitor it just that theres a possibility for that to happen. In fact depending on who buys the brand the competition can end up being more fierce and push Sony to further develop their own product.

SaturdayNightBeaver2767d ago

There was no xbox in PSone time and it was best ever. best games and fun.

NatureOfLogic2768d ago

To the people below saying Xbox is needed. No, it's not. I'm certain someone else would replace MS in a heart beat. I would love to see MS out of the console business and replaced with apple or sega. The gaming industry was here long before Xbox, It'll be here long after Xbox. competition have always been good. And with MS out. I'm sure competition will continue. Some of you make it sound like MS is the only competition out there. Competition will fill the void once MS is gone. I think they should sell.

DevilishSix2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Sega had their chance, but they are to small a company now to run a console business.

Persistantthug2768d ago

Microsoft spinning the XBOX brand into its own company, I actually see it as a plus for gamers.
Because I get the feeling that alot of the bad decisions with XBOX are because of Microsoft Corp.
With XBOX or Microsoft GAMES left alone with no more interference from Microsoft Corp, the XBOX division can flourish by concentrating solely on video games, instead of, for example, trying to merge XBOX with Windows ecosystems...... not to mention, trying to mandate other boneheaded anti-consumer plans.

XBOX brand can do better without being tied to Microsoft Corp.

donnieboy2768d ago

Xbox can't operate without that Microsoft money....

chikane2768d ago

sony should buy it and eliminate the box so good

TheRealTedCruz2768d ago

Because lack of competition always leads to great things.

karl2768d ago

dont forget about nintendo and pc... thats compettion aswell

besides sonys competition is not only console manufacturers like MS

but publishers like EA or ubisoft..

unlike Ms sony does have a lot of game studios.

and lets not forget steambox is coming..

that said. i wouldnt mind the xbox to finally die. i never understood ppl who liked it

MasterCornholio2768d ago

The PS and PS2 had pretty weak competition but they were amazing consoles with an incredible library of games.

Prime1572768d ago

Even I, as a fanboy, don't want that.

chikane2768d ago


miss a word it should say

sony should buy it and eliminate the box for good

Retroman2767d ago

agree eliminate box1 give apple a chance.

Persistantthug2767d ago

Apple had a chance in the mid 90's...... they squandered it.

Was called the PIPPEN.
Look it up.

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FRAKISTAN2768d ago

the xbox should be done with and as competition for the PlayStation maybe google could introduce a console that has mobile games all them devs are going on about that how those games are the future

Riderz13372768d ago

Maybe not, but the gaming industry needs competition so WE need Xbox. No matter how much of a Sony fanboy I am, I would hate to see Xbox leave the gaming industry to take the some pressure off of Sony/Nintendo. Competition = better games. Better games = Happy me!

Gabenbrah2768d ago

Competition is always good in this industry. PS4 wouldn't of been as amazing as it is today if it wasn't for Microsoft and the Xbox 360.

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