Sony Responds to Crash Bandicoot on PS4, Says Activision Still Owns The IP

Adam Boyes: Activision owns the IP, so you should ask them about it...

ArtificiallyYours3838d ago

I just want the old platform style back, Crash 2 was in my opinion far more awesome of the original three games.

decrypt3838d ago

Lol just emulate the game on a PC :P

mikeslemonade3838d ago

lol at the casual gamers. Use google next time before you make a silly mistake.

shivvy243838d ago

Imagine if ms bought the IP, "jumps off the cliff"

ShinMaster3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I have the original PS1 game discs. And you can get the games on PSN.
No need to emulate.

decrypt3838d ago

"you can get the games on PSN."

True you can, as long as you have a PS3. As long as you are willing to reinvest in a PS3 again and again sure you can play the games you bought on PSN. Unless Sony decides to rewrite them for the PS4.

Id think PC is still a good alternative for people who own the original disks.

ShinMaster3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

@ decrypt

I can play the game discs on my PS3 (as well as my PS1 and PS2). And the games through PSN work on PS3, PSP and PS Vita.

Are you ever on PC articles? Or do you guys have nothing going on that you feel the need to be on almost every console article.

ZodTheRipper3838d ago

Just tweet this pre-made tweet
to all the Sony execs, they need to know how many people want Crash on PS4 =)

I hope Sony can aquire the IP, Activision really is not worthy of it.

TheDevKit3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

"We didn't think it was possible, but with the combined power of the xbox one and cloud computing; we've managed to make Spyro uglier."

ArtificiallyYours3838d ago

Go make love to your PC, go along now.

I have the physical copies. Try a bit harder next time kid.

SilentNegotiator3837d ago

Fans want NEW 3d platformers, smartass. That's why we were excited that Sony had supposedly bought Crash.

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Retroman3838d ago

Activision still own the IP.......oh snap.

well, it was Exciting while it lasted. :(

-Foxtrot3838d ago

Sony is just trolling us, they aren't going to admit something big in a tweet.

Why would they put that Crash reference in the PS4 launch trailer, the arrow to the old Sony Entertainment logo....they could of just had a picture of Crash but they didn't do that, they went a step further.


In all fairness, that trailer also had Assassin's Creed, Watch_Dogs, Street Fighter and Final Fantasy references. All franchises which Sony don't own... So it doesn't mean Sony owns Crash IP now.

Also I'm not convinced they used the ad to tease new games for PS4... Just like there's a Crash reference, there are Echochrome, Heavy Rain and The Last Of Us references too, none of which are likely to release on PS4. The only franchise that we didn't new was coming to PS4 at that moment which was referenced on the ad was Uncharted (Drake's Antiques shop), but that doesn't mean it was a tease, it could as well just had been there as a remarkable/signature PS experience, worth joining the ad.

I don't like it anymore than you guys, so I reall wouldn't mind to be proven wrong, but as of now Crash reference on the video alone doesn't point at the IP changing hands or even at a new Crash being made.

calis3837d ago

Yeah I just had a feeling there was a "...for now" missing at the end of that comment.

yewles13838d ago

People are really sad here, they really thought Activision--ACTIVISION--would sell an IP at an affordable price, THEY RENEWED THE TRADEMARK BACK IN 2011!!!

porkChop3838d ago

I think it's far more likely that Sony and Activision reached an agreement to have Crash on PS4, rather than Activision outright selling the IP. The site being taken down could just mean that a brand new site is on the way along with an announcement. The timing would suggest something at VGX in a couple weeks.

KingKelloggTheWH3838d ago

I just want to see platformer's and Rpg's make a serious comeback.

isa_scout3838d ago

Me to, I was kinda bummed that no hardcore RPGs were available at launch for the PS4. Something like the first Dragon Age would've been awesome. RPGs are getting to close to just being shooters and Hack n'Slash games.
I was one of those people that was pissed when Bioware changed up their formulas with DA2 and ME2.There were barely enough RPG elements in those games to even call them RPGs.
Oh well, we still have The Witcher 3 to look forward to, and I'm really hoping that Cyberpunk 2077 makes its way to next-gen platforms as well.

Relientk773838d ago

This is what I want from next gen

Jaqen_Hghar3837d ago

A man would laugh if you finally trap Sonic only to have Crash come in and spin you off the screen