A Look at the PS4 Cross-Buy Program's Present and Future

Hardcore Gamer: Hopefully, Sony continues this program with more game announcements early next year because they're doing a wonderful job of engendering goodwill among gamers with this giving people more games to play at either very little cost if they don't already have them, or none if they do.

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Scrumptious2761d ago

It was a nice treat to have Flower for free. I fired it up last weekend and began enjoying it all over again. Now if we could have Journey remastered that would be amazing. Journey is one of my all time favorites of last generation and replaying it never gets old. I do hope thatgamecompany is working a new experience as I understand another studio is doing these ports.

Nicaragua2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

apparently they are working on a multiplatform title and are interested in touch based devices like tablets.

I wouldnt hold my breath for another exclusive like Journey, which is a shame.

Tyre2761d ago

Yeah, i believe it is self-evident that Journey WILL come to PS4 as Flower. Fantastics games!

Tyre2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

I believe it is self-evident that Journey WILL come to PS4 as Flower. Both Fantastics games! Sorry, for the double post.

soljah2761d ago

hoping for pinball arcade to come out fpr ps4

bamillington2761d ago

I have flower on ps3 does this mean I can download ps4 version free?

Scrumptious2761d ago

If you purchased it digitally than yes. If you got the Flow/Journey/Flower pack on disk I have heard other people say no.