Who Should Buy Kingdoms of Amalur?

The once-promising series ran into some troubles. Can another company save it from obscurity?

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Anon19742614d ago

I downloaded it for free from PSN+ and was hooked instantly. I used to love Fable and something about this game is giving me a strong Fable vibe while not being as "cutesy" as Fable. And finding out that ra salvatore was involved in making the game I`m amazed this flew under my radar for so long. I`m having a blast with it.

Nujabes_2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Exactly my thoughts. That game had a good Fable vibe and the combat was excellent. The music was very good too, it was a great game all around.

Derekvinyard132614d ago

I agree with you guys it was really fun, not sure who should buy it though.

black0o2614d ago

overall avg ... but it has the best comp-system i seen in action-rpg

gamertk4212614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

2K should buy it.

They could use a fantasy RPG franchise.