PlayStation 4 CPU using AMD Turbo Core to go from 1.6GHz up to 2.75Ghz ?

For awhile there has been speculations about the 2.75GHz clock rate that showed up in the PS4 FCC Certification. Some speculated that it was just the clock rate of the Memory but today in a IGN PS4 review video the 2.75GHz clock rate has been shown to be the highest clock rate of the CPU with 1.6GHz being the base clock rate.

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lifeisgamesok3662d ago

Hmmm I'd think it would become too hot but good for PS owners if true

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II3662d ago

Doubtful but would be awesome if true.

cleft53662d ago

It's interesting how most of the stories about the PS4 is about how their is all this power in the console that wasn't even mentioned. That's the best sort of surprise.

UltimateMaster3662d ago

It's based off the IGN article.

Prime1573662d ago


Not saying I disagree with you, however, this is very much like MisterX and his theoretical 2.1 TFlops math with ESRAM.

I'm skeptical of this on both sides.

CryofSilence3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )


This is much more a physical possibility. It is extremely common for multicore chips to dynamically turbocharge, even in laptop and mobile processors. My 3 year old laptop with a first gen i7 onboard is capable of it. However, to my knowledge, there is no way RAM will increase FLOPS (Floating-point Operations Per Second), just the bandwidth to transmit the data. CPU/GPU create the FLOPS count. ;)

Edit: Perhaps you are referring to how the theoretical bandwidth limit of eSRAM in conjunction with DDR3 is over 200 GB/s? That is a physical possibility, but time will tell.

ChrisW3662d ago

Yes, it can go that high... Phenomenally higher if cooled with liquid nitrogen.

Will Sony ever make a patch to make it go that high? I strongly believe not. Because all games are built around the standardized GHz for optimal performance with least amount of problems.

pedrof933662d ago

Can someone show me the original source ?

Irishguy953662d ago

Why well said for you and not for lifeisgamesok? The only reason it wouldn't be put up is because of heat. The thing about 'overclocking' is that it brings on heat. And alot of it if you clock it too high for your cooling system to handle.

abzdine3662d ago

You want a futureproof console, here you go!!
Friday 29th cannot come soon enough

ajkula3662d ago

well, the turbo core tech, as mentionned, can lower the freq. to minimal uses, then higher the freq. of all cores up to a certain speed THEN to less threads sensitive applications, reduce the number of core activated and boost those remaining to the ceiling...
in no way it'll boost all 8 cores to 2.75, this would be toasting the proc...
there must be a precise ratio here, which i have no idea.
and a real question fans should ask themselves is, at which clock speed all 8 cores ceiling??

..instead of being doubtful about things everyone ignore here!
SINCE, it is factual that the jaguar is capable of "turbo core tech"

Consoldtobots3662d ago

this isn't some secret sauce, my 4 yr old laptop has the same type of core and can do the same thing.

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GarrusVakarian3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Don't worry, Sony are hardware geniuses, they have all that tech in a tiny box and the power brick inside too.


140 degrees F (60C) after playing Killzone SF for 3 hours straight which is very good indeed.

Sitdown3662d ago

After unboxing my ps4, it slowly became apparent how hideous the ps3...I got my ps3 fat and ugly with the full intentions of hurting it's feelings. It's place in the entertainment cabinet now belongs to another.

majiebeast3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Yeah my 6870 is idling now at 45-50 degrees celsius. If i start playing a game it goes up to atleast 70.


Phat PS3 is the BBW of consoles.

pyramidshead3662d ago

If they designed it to withstand the heat from the CPU going up to 2.75 then holy crap. So long XB1 CPU advantage. If true....no wonder Sony kept this number quiet :P

scott1823662d ago

Why the crap don't they just say what it runs at so people can stop with the rumors?

Themba763662d ago

my laptop runs hotter than that my laptop can get up to 91c

mkis0073662d ago

My pc rig with an oc'ed i7 920 3.6 ghz aa gtx 680 a gtx 660 and cooling with a corsair h70 has my temps at 40-50 C idle...heat is not going to be a problem, no matter how much people want it to.

In game those jump to around 64C

mxrider21993662d ago

i played for 29 hrs straight no over heating issues at all i was streaming too

ajkula3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

@scott182: simply because from their point of view AND a business intelligence point, it's none of yours business and you should care about the game quality first when you first think of buying an entertainment hardware, not the specs inside it...
if you remember the jaguar from atari, which had a dual highly capable processors for its time BUT also embended an old motorola 68000...
...that the devs preferdd to use from laziness...
whatever, just think in their place!

Consoldtobots3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

good stuff!!!

I use mine in landscape mode and it looks like that runs 10° cooler at peak.

ZBlacktt3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Yes, this is why they have sold the most consoles on the planet. Why they come out with Slim and Super Slim lines!

Nice avie. I went to that concert in 86. Got a picture wearing the shirt from back then if you want to see it for the laughs, lol. Still and always metal to this very day!

\n/ o.o \m/

But yeah, I've played ACF up to 10 hours a day. Not a single issue as expected. That's playing for hours. Go eat, leave the console on... continue playing.

GarrusVakarian3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )


Man,i can't even express how jealous i am of you. Seriously huge Met fan here. I saw them last year, going to see them again whenever they come back here. They played so fast in 86 from the youtube vids, it was like 2X tempo.

Yeah PM me the pic lol (you have me on block though btw)

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Mosiac773662d ago

What great rumor and it will forever stay a rumor.

C-H-E-F3662d ago

Didn't they say something about a surprise upon opening up the ps4? Is this it? If not then ehh I guess i'll have to continuing playing Killzone Shadow Fall and 2k14 plus the other games I bought until someone unlock the surprise for me because frankly i'm to lazy to do it myself. :D

JsonHenry3662d ago

Too hot? It is under-clocked already from its typically stock running speed. My 8-core AMD CPU in my PC runs pretty close to this same pattern. It idles lower then when a game or application that is more demanding is started it jumps from like 3.6ghz or something to 4.2ghz.

Its pretty standard these days for AMD CPUs. Whether the PS4 does this or not I don't know. But it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say it is possible since the rest of AMDs desktop/laptop line up of CPUs all do this all day every day and have for a long time now.

Kleptic3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

^exactly...This shouldn't be too surprising...both AMD and Intel have base clocks with 'boost' multipliers when applications call for it...

thermal management is the only question...and considering jaguars are low tdp, low heat units to begin with, i'd be very surprised if a turbo setting of 2.75 makes some outrageous difference in heat output...

however, people need to keep that in context...a cpu's frequency has zero effect on its instructions per cycle limit...and jaguar cores are horrendously bad in this area (not a big deal for a console, as the OS is simple)...but having very low IPC figures do not get very tangible differences from overclocking...

So...just saying...this could be true...but even then, you'd never know the difference...the cpu's between the xbox one and PS4 will perform nearly identically, even if one is clocked slightly differently...

the new consoles are gpu-centric devices, any performance differences between them will ALWAYS be because of the gpu differences...

Cernunnos3661d ago

People forget that turbo only applies to one core. So the other 7 cores will still run at 1.6ghz. That's why the heat output does not increase significantly.

frostypants3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Yeah...most processors can technically be overclocked beyond the speed they are initially set to. However the clock at which they are set tends to be below capacity in order to maintain safe operating temperatures. That's why when PC modders OC the CPU, one generally also throws in all sorts of additional cooling mechanisms...more fans, better thermal paste, bigger heat sink, etc. Sony won't bump the clock speed of this processor...even if later batches of the chip are more capable of managing it safely, they wouldn't fracture the capabilities of their install base that way.

ipach3662d ago

theoretically, the non-used cores partially help dissipate some of the heat and enable the chip to operate at those speeds. that's how it works on their PC CPUs at least