InFamous Second Son PS4 Gameplay Interview

Sucker Punch Founder Brian Fleming explains what PS4 opens up for the franchise in this exclusive preview of InFamous Second Son.

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GarrusVakarian1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Man, along with Titanfall, this is one of my most anticipated games. The thick smoke with the particles of burning ash looks so good.

Was anyone else not listening to that guy and focusing purely on the screen behind him? Lol.

DeadManIV1763d ago

I'm personally not into shooters, I wish people would stop buying them so that other genres get a bigger chance. I want games with stories, great A.I, choices. I want more games like skyrim and the witcher. Damn it...

Shinuz1763d ago

hmm you know this game isn't a shooter right?

DeadManIV1763d ago

I was referring to titanfall, i'm really looking forward to infamous

dcj05241763d ago

Well other genres have been dominant until 2007 when COD 4 launched FPS into popularity. So technically other genres have and still do have popularity and a chance. I mean you could go back to 95 and reverse your statement. " I'm personally not into platformers, I wish people would stop buying them so other genres like FPS get a bigger chance. I want games with A.I, Violence and Competitive multiplayer. I want more games like DOOM and QUAKE." Its just a wave. Soon another genre will have its spot.

Snookies121763d ago

God this game looks fun...

mshh41763d ago

Best open world graphics I have ever seen in my life can't waiting until I put my hand on it

PirateKing1763d ago

This game looks awesome to play don't get me wrong but it seems totally offense based for the main character. I'd like to see some intuitive A.I. that can actually inflict damage on the user.

GarrusVakarian1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Devs usually enable "god mode" for the character in demonstration videos so they can't die/take little damage...nobody wants to see death after death in a demonstration video lol.

You really thought that was how the final game will be? Do you even game bro?

PirateKing1763d ago

I didn't mean for the character to die but just take damage or get knocked down for a short time. Game just seems a bit too easy, but your right "god mode" is for display purposes.

strickers1763d ago

Infamous games are never a walk in the park

XboxFun1763d ago

This game looks really good. As I said before this game should have been ready at launch for the PS4.

Had a non-bias answer to your last PM, unfortunately you have me on block.

Brix901762d ago


Definitely wish this and Watch Dogs were available for launch but I'm sure the wait will benefit us more then them rushing it.

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FamilyGuy1763d ago

The neon trailer shown at the PS4 launch had shots of the big guns that knock him on his ass as well as the gattling gun that was ripping through his health leaving him with a red, low-life screen.

Infamous games have always had a large group of grunts that did little damage on their own but could be dangerous in packs. Along with that there are stronger enemy types where there might be one or two mixed in with those grunts to create a challenge and the mid-level semi-boss types that you'd see one of in a large mix of grunts.

This game doesn't appear to be any easier than the previous titles but we also haven't been shown him fighting in those completely surrounded scenarios like what would happen in Infamous 1 and 2.

creHEARTive1763d ago

Pre ordered and paid off. can't wait for this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.