'Should Battlefield be an annualised series?' mulls EA

Call of Duty made bonkers bucks this generation by being an annualized series developed alternately by two studios: Treyarch and Infinity Ward (and later Sledgehammer with Raven helping out).

Could Battlefield do the same, an analyst asked EA?

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ape0072565d ago

please no, yearly releases kills the spirit of games

Mr Pumblechook2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

NO. I like it when a franchise gives us breathing room and a chance to miss it.
It also gives the development team time to respond to what worked and didn't.

xPhearR3dx2564d ago

Honestly the only annual game I haven' got tired of is Assassins Creed. Which is kind of odd, because the sword-play is still the same as it was 3 titles ago. I was actually going to skip IV because I felt a little burnt out by the end of 3. I'm glad I didn't though, Black Flag is fantastic.

awi59512564d ago


I havent played one assassins game the plot was too far out there to start with and all the grinding item quests hell no got enough of that in wow.

xPhearR3dx2564d ago


You haven't played a single one but already judging them? To each their own I guess.

JsonHenry2564d ago

I hope not. I feel the reason the games are so well done is because they spend more time on them.

Starbucks_Fan2564d ago

If this involves bring back Bad Company then yes.....

if not a big NO

komp2564d ago

NO because your not doing it for us your are doing it for your own greed EA.

I see your sales / financials / stock price..

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The story is too old to be commented.