Atlus USA PSN Sale

Atlus is holding a sale on a few games, including Demon's Souls, Disgaea and Persona.

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Whxian2624d ago

usa seems to get sales from atlus quite frequently, few month between sales, but for some reason, europe does not get any of that.

Baka-akaB2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Well to begin with there is no Atlus Europe . There are only crap like Ghostlight and Zen United publishing their stuff , or sometimes NIS .

There are some sales and reduction however , but it's very punctual and on a case by case basis

ninjahunter2624d ago

Time to stock up on persona \!
P4G sucked me in, XD and now im straight up addicted.

Protagonist2624d ago

Get that Persona 3 Portable ;))) my fav game...

Whxian2624d ago

sadly they replaced the cutscenes from the ps2 game and also removed the 3d model for town movement, which in my opinion hurt the game even if it does add new things and improve some stuff. the fact that it was on psp rather than vita hurt it due to size limit, still a good game non the less