Eurogamer - Hardware Test: Xbox One

Richard Leadbetter: ''So is it a games console or the centre of the entertainment universe? Days after receiving our review unit, what's clear is that Xbox One boasts a wealth of intriguing, unique features and that there is merit in its alternative approach. But going into this hardware test, we couldn't help but wonder: is it the proverbial jack of all trades, master of none? Do the media features actually make a difference? Do they even work outside of the US?''

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Redgehammer3899d ago

The X1 sounds like my kind of machine.

whitefang19883899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Love how 6 (and rising) people seem to know what your kind of machine is more than you do lol smh

Denethor_II3899d ago

Well basically it's not my kind of machine, hence why I disagreed. Is that okay with you?

I feel the Xbox is overreaching with all it's features. Why can't we just go back to basics and focus on the games

christocolus3899d ago

Silent as a mouse....need to try this out and see for myself.

fOrlOnhOpe573899d ago

Good balanced review. In truth, both consoles are not yet the finished article and can only grow, over the coming months.

Insomnia_843899d ago

Again, sounds like the PS4 is the console to get.

thrust3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

From all the review i think not mate!

feature rich console for me not just an hardware upgrade games machine.

but that's what i want, technology!

Arnon3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Why are you on a gaming website, then? Go buy an Apple TV. It's a sad day when gaming is reduced to acknowledging everything but gaming.

3899d ago
NeoTribe3899d ago

You cant even live stream on x1. It lacks social media.

thrust3899d ago

Feature rich!!!! that includes gaming aswell :/ strange!!

streaming no thank you am 34!

i have read the streaming is coming but i do not care when will never use it.

Insomnia_843899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

No mate, they cleverly made a device that will keep you connected to the camera so they can get richer out of you, your info, your privacy, while charging you $500 for it and making you pay another $60 a year to connect to make it work (without an update the "console" is pretty much good for nothing, everthing is behind that paywall). Why do you think they want you to unnecessarily connect every single device to the XBone??


"Let's remember that Kinect is no longer mandatory to the Xbox One's operation and neither is a periodic check-in with the Xbox servers, requirements that were walked back under a firestorm of gamer outrage. That said, many users will simply leave both utilities plugged in. And when a publication likeAdvertising Age—whose audience ain't exactly privacy-concerned hardcore gamers—says "Xbox One can essentially work like TV that watches you, bringing marketers a huge new trove of data," you realize why Microsoft wanted those requirements in the first place."

Think, mate!

I love Killer Instinct and I'm ready to buy an Xbox one the moment they give me a choice to buy one without Kinect but it looks like that'snot in there radar as they plan to release an ENTERTAINMENT ONLY XBone but not a GAMING focused XBone, meaning one without Kinect.

MiloGarret3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Think mate, they're all out to get you!

Think about the fact that PS4 also encourages you to buy a camera that records you when you're not aware. Think mate!

Think about the phones, the tablets, the Vita that you carry around everywhere, always listening and watching, always mapping your every move. Think mate!

Think about every laptop made since what... 2004? that comes with a built in camera, probably looking at you right now. Think mate!

Or, get off your fat ass and unplug that camera. And get some sleep, you obviously need it.

XxGOWxX3899d ago

I guess its just me and you thrust. Ill be using my XBO for games, pay tv, apps and media.

sony have the same conditions of use as MS in terms of using your data from their camera and voice chat. So theres no point even complaining about it. disconnect the cameras when youre not using them and you can take off your tinfoil hat. Also if you can afford any next gen console you can afford XBL or PSN+ so why complain about it. servers arent free to run you know. SMH.

Nekroo913899d ago

youre right .the features are great but the features with weaker hardware dont justify 500 bucks pricetag.

Dont forget the main purpose of a console , is to play games!

It would be nice if the xbox could replace a cable box..

Oh well if you enjoy lan Co-op games go for the Wii U, if your looking for the best single player experiences go for the PS4, if your look for multi player Xbox One.

Either way theres ONE 4 U. get it?!

ABizzel13899d ago


Did you get a PlayStation 3, you know since it was by far the more "feature rich console".

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GodSquad3899d ago

Very well written... It seems like, to me at least, that the console works better than some left-wing Playstation fans make it out not to. I have always been a PS player, although i had once the 360. But I will sure as shite not buy this thing, until I can opt out of the Kinect business, without paying for it. Although it sounds like everything...works.

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LightofDarkness3899d ago

Left-wing? And what, prithee, makes them "left-wing"? What is the defining character trait that draws such comparisons?

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