My first attempt at using Xbox One's voice commands

Destructoid - "Now that I've spent more time using Xbox One's voice commands, I've learned that the system is teaching you more than you're teaching it. A voice training app helps out a bit, but what really bumps up the success rate is brushing up on the commands and when they can be used.

Even with my improved success rate, there are still times when Xbox One refuses to act on a command. Of course, success rate is at 100 percent with the controller."

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Serjikal_Strike1846d ago

Even if voice commands work 50% of the time, people will still say it's the greatest console ever

BobBelcher1846d ago

Even if voice commands work 100% of the time, People will still say it's the worst console ever.

zeal0us1846d ago

You shouldn't put too much thought into what people say and just enjoy your console.

GribbleGrunger1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

That's false equivalence because they DON'T work 100% of the time. I'm sure these little niggles will eventually be worked out though.

4Sh0w1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

lol he could have bothered to try to make it work by learning commands. He's simply rattling off a bunch of crap, lol but he's having fun, making fun of it though. It's actually working when he says legit commands.

MajorJackHoff1846d ago

Xbox call mom

"Mom, get in here and bring hot pockets"

Septic1846d ago

When did voice commands work 100% of the time with other humans let alone machinery?

pyramidshead1846d ago

lol dat parallel universe where voice commands work 100%. Direct input will always be superior to voice recognition. Hopefully by 2015 when I get an XB1 they'll have either ditched kinect out of the box or at least improved this by a long shot. That $100 difference starts to become a giant elephant in the room.

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Bigpappy1846d ago

He isn't using the commands as intended. The voice commands for the browser only works with pined sites. You would have to use Bing to search for sites.

With the old connect when you calibrated the audio, you could speak in your normal voice. He is really trying to show hat Kinect 2 can do, but should have learn the commands and know how it works before doing this demo. A bit eager, but understandable.

iamnsuperman1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

"He is really trying to show hat Kinect 2 can do, but should have learn the commands and know how it works before doing this demo."

And this is the problem I have with voice commands. You have to learn specific commands to make sure it works. The kinect clearly does an admirable job (and for the most part it gets it right) but it is clear, voice commands are no where near replacing the remote control (that can be only be possible when you can say pretty much anything and it will take you there because you have to remember we are not robots and say things differently region to region)

MorePowerOfGreen1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Yep. You simply get the xbox to listen by saying XBOX followed by an action in a natural way, you do not say Xbox until the Xbox stops listening.

The IGN dude would say Xbox and the following command in the middle of a sentence and then finish the sentence after the command. I wouldn't put it past IGN and Destructoid doing this on purpose LOL

Easy, Start clean and talk naturally and then wait for a response/action/timing You can't rant to it, you can't rant to people LOL.

Don't be surprised if some of these sites try to trip up Kinect for hits like this Destructoid article and the IGN article.

If you do know how to use it properly it is going to be an awesome experience.

4Sh0w1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

superman, But that's the point if you are invested into actively using any product as intended you'll spend a little time figuring out how to use it well, I get the most out of my other gadgets by fidgeting with the settings, learning how to customize it's bells and whistles through trial and error of what works best. Kinect is no different if your mindset is screw it I'm not really into this then you do what he's doing sure it's not going to be the best experience for you, I'd even say you shouldn't buy a X1 but if you're like I really want to use this for what it's intended you WILL learn and you probably have a great experience beyond a few hiccups, plus we humans by now expect the software will update and improve just like my cell phone constantly getting updates every couple of months for better performance and its just a damm smart phone.

Deltaohio1846d ago

At some point you had to learn how to use your current console, your router, your tv, you car, your computer, your smart phone etc.
having to learn something new if it makes experiences better should not be seen as a barrier. And I would have to say half the time this guy was giving commands he was doing it wrong.

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ABizzel11846d ago

Let them have their day, no fanboying everyone.

M-M1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

That was pretty funny when the PS4 came up xD. I'm sorry, but you can tell the console is rushed and not finished(software side). All of this should be fixed by Q1 next year at the most.

Fireseed1846d ago

Fixed? I think the voice commands need to be expanded so more work. But the majority of the time he wasn't even using them properly.

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GTgamer1846d ago

Notice how queit that room was and the X1 still didnt always hear him :/.

lifeisgamesok1846d ago

Most of those were because he wasn't saying "Xbox" first

Ezz20131846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

What did you say,Dave ? :P

@Fairchild Channel F
"Open the pod bay doors xbox"

don't you DARE command me,Dave
*XBOX Shut Down*

Demster1846d ago



lifeisgamesok1846d ago

This guy's an idiot knowing he has to say the word XBOX 1st for the command he still expected the system to pick up what he was saying and react

Christopher1846d ago

Actually, the preceding word varies.

On Xbox One OS (UI and Games), it's "xbox" preceder.

On TV, it's "watch" preceder.

On browser, it's "search" or "browse" preceder.

Riderz13371846d ago

You don't always say "Xbox" for the command to work. Like cgoodno said, sometimes it's just "watch" and I've even seen "what's on" for when you want to find out what is on a specific channel.

Deltaohio1846d ago

You don't have to always say xbox first. If the kinect is listening you can just say commands. You say xbox to start a listening session. You know it's listening when you see the words on the screen turn green. Which a lot of the time they were not in this video. He was just saying things that made no sense.

Blackdeath_6631846d ago

you only say Xbox first for global commands the console is brain dead he would have done everything EVERYTHING faster with the controller

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ElementX1846d ago

Was it Jim Sterling and was his mouth full of Doritos?

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