Steve Ballmer's Final Speech

In final shareholder speech, Ballmer defends Bing and Xbox as key parts of Microsoft

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ZBlacktt1821d ago

"Ballmer defends Bing and Xbox"

Is that because of the rumor that the new boss is looking to dump the gaming division?

MightyNoX1821d ago

Probably. Seems like the rumor's gaining more and more traction.

ZBlacktt1821d ago

Yep, he is seeing the billions lost. Thus why so many over years have went under. Or out of the console side and more software support for them.

dedicatedtogamers1821d ago

"Ballmer defends Bing and Xbox"

Is that why he was asked to leave?

Keep in mind, he's done with the company. He's made his fortune. Now he simply wants to preserve his reputation and his legacy. Bing and Xbox were the two biggest projects on his watch (including a bunch of smaller, failed projects) and he doesn't want to go down in history as the man who brought financial ruin to Microsoft.

The clock is ticking for the Xbox brand. Xbox One is going to be their last "videogame console". The next Xbox will be an "entertainment hub" and won't be advertised towards gamers. X1 is the intermediate step.

Vojkan1821d ago

I hope they hire that guy that wanted to sell Xbox division

cleft51821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Balmer does make a lot of great points and it is clear that their are a lot of talented people working for Microsoft who are dedicated to video games and understands why it is such an important demographic. The problem is that the people in power at Microsoft doesn't have the focus dedicated on a vision needed to capitalize on this golden opportunity. Look at the Xbox division, Julie Larson Green takes over and rather than running that division being her main focus it is just one of the many things she is put in charge of for Microsoft.

All of the big statements coming out of that division was being said by Marc Whiddeon before Albert Penello took up the mantle of PR. The whole thing seems out of place when you have Sony and Nintendo key executives and heads of the company making direct statements to the public and making the big announcements.

It really does feel like if Microsoft's Xbox division is successful it will be in spite of Microsoft and because of the amazing momentum and groundwork laid down by the core Xbox 360 team before Microsoft got rid of them. The whole situation is just unstable, I just hope they figure it all out soon because Xbox One users deserve a unified company that understand what gamers want. Microsoft certainly isn't hurting in the area of talented people I just hope they listen to them.

OrangePowerz1821d ago


Many people who got the Xbox brand where it is left on their own ago around the time they started to shift the 360 away from gaming and towards TV apps and Kinect.

In the case of Larson Green, she shouldn`t oversee the Xbox division in any form. They need to get people on board that know games and gamers, not having those people there got them into the mess the Xbox one is being more designed as a multimedia hub for TV and multitasking rather than a games console.

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iamnsuperman1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Pretty much. Ballmer's is the guy who gave the Xbox another chance (as far as I am aware they were going to dump it after the first one except for the intervention of people, mainly Ballmer, who said they shouldn't). Also Bing was Ballmer's idea to try and take on Google (one of the dumbest moves he did as it took a lot of money and resources for very little gain. Some claim the rise of Apple is down to Microsoft focusing on the wrong company, I. E. Google, and reacting too late to Apple's rise)

These are basically Ballmer's babies

darthv721821d ago

Many of the products MS has released are reactionary as opposed to trend setting. And its funny how they get flak for trying to be competitive.

It like the main reason zune failed wasnt because it was MS. it failed because it wasnt an ipod. in fact, many companies that were trying to get a share of the portable media market suffered the same fate. sony, Archos, Creative labs all had products that exceeded the ipod but they werent....ipod so the majority of consumers that were in the market wanted what their friends had which ipod.

bing, in respect to google, does the same job and rewards the searcher with points they can redeem towards products/services. i use bing all the time and have traded in several hundred points towards entries to win an XB1 as well as real $$ for my live account. i may not win the XB1 but points just for doing basic searches is not bad.

plus i have never gotten a bing redirect virus like i have the google redirect virus.

OrangePowerz1821d ago

How can one defend Bing? Their big feature is it has a changing picture on the main page. Finding what you want works a lot better with Google if you compare the search results for the same things on both.

Thatguy-3101821d ago

It is really important fpr the xbox one launch to go perfectly. If they screw it up the brand might end up being sold.

assdan1821d ago

I think it would be good if they sold it. Imagine if xbox was sold to a company that actually could make a good console.

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True_Samurai1821d ago

I hope you have a happy retirement Ballmer

supraking9511821d ago

Bye Ballmer, good riddance Bing and...

Jeedai Infidel1821d ago

I hope not, I use Bing and trade the points I get for searches for one month of Xbox Live, every month. Plus, I prefer the speed and accuracy over Google

Hicken1821d ago

So you're pretty much bribed into using that awful search engine?

Omegasyde1821d ago

Microsoft misled facts saying people prefer Bing over Google.


Jeedai Infidel1821d ago

Hicken, I was already using it when I found out about the points. What's awful about it? I switched because I got better results out of it, and it offers a better UI than Google. Also, I don't get spam/popups related to what I was recently searching on Bing like I was with Google.

daedra1821d ago

They aren't going to get rid of the division, they haven't even decided who's replacing him, stop spreading lies because your failure 4 sucks ass, Everything you said was lies, research a bit kids

IAmSovereign1821d ago

Actually, the old CEO of Nokia is the one who is talking about getting rid of the division, and getting rid of Bing. And it seems like he is a strong contender for the position. How about you do a little research before you run your mouth and automatically default to shitting on the PS4?

Sheikh Yerbouti1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

He never mentioned the PS4...?

Edit: Oh I see. He forgot the PS, not the 4. I thought he said you were a lame for not sucking ass.

hellvaguy1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

So much anger between these rabbit fanboys and bias links presented as "facts". Cant we all just get along?

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