MGS4 Interrogation Video

IGN editor Jeff Haynes is missing in action. Maybe he talked too much. Maybe there were details he kept too secret. Either way, a mysterious video tape was recently dropped off at the office this morning with a letter inside saying that the footage within had to be posted on our site before 4PM PST or bad things would happen. We played the tape, and found that Jeff has been held captive, interrogated for information on his recent Metal Gear Solid gameplay experience.

sonarus5933d ago

Kinda cheesy to me but at least its not another GTA vid

xionpunk5932d ago

I bet he was in the drama club XD

raptor3025933d ago

before I'm going to watch this I would like to know if there are any spoilers in this video?

Defectiv3_Detectiv35933d ago (Edited 5933d ago )

Snake has really been living in a dream like world for the entire metal gear series.

He, or she rather, is really a 46 yr. old trucker from Winnascogie, Arkansas named Birtha. Upon hearing the news that her life partner
Don(na)was leaving her for a pole dancer named Starla, she could not bear to go on living and proceeded to drive straight of the nearest cliff, hence rendering her in a comatose like state.

Now that's what I call tragic:(

Mc Fadge5932d ago (Edited 5932d ago )

Can't you put it in spoiler tags or something?! Jeez! ;____;

EDIT: Lol@Disagree

sonarus5932d ago

I apologize if anything was spoilt for you but pretty much everything in the video is what you already know

TornRaptor5932d ago

My interest in MGS4 has cooled off of late, i suspect it has mainly been the fault of GTA4, the oversaturation of the gamers media that has been given almost made me forget about this gem. I'm sure though after a month or two of GTA4 i will have my interest back in time for my pre-order's arrival.

Chicken Eatin Nigger5932d ago

I got a snake for every PS3 owner's mouth.

Defectiv3_Detectiv35932d ago

Insecure honkeys like you crack me up. You have to go out of your way to badmouth black people, probably cuz you used to get beat up by them constantly(I wonder why?)

Fact of the matter is, you would never say those things to a black person's face. That's why you have to stupe to talking trash on a message board.

This is where you have to go to vent. I would call you pathetic but that's kinda obvious.

acetw1n5932d ago

I prefer churches chicken!

Grown Folks Talk5930d ago

You gotta use the seasoning packets man.

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PlayStation 3 Games That Desperately Need a PS5 Remaster

The PlayStation 3 may not have been the strongest generation for Sony, but there were still some diamonds in the rough that deserve a revisit as PS5 remasters.

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OtterX138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Even if they could just remaster and put on PSVR2, some would still look great as VR titles and could do a whole lot to bolster the headset w these exclusives! I'd imagine the investment of reworking these titles into VR would be way less than building new games from the ground up, and they could be amazing experiences, and VR often makes flat games feel fresh again. The Resistance and Killzone games are particularly what I want to see!!

Rude-ro138d ago

I played killzone 3 in 3d and it really changed the game per being immersive.
In vr, that would be even more awesome.

darthv72138d ago

Funny you mention that... my son wanted to play some PS3 games in 3d on my PS tv and he was blown away by how good KZ3 was. It really was a great addition to the game. Im surprised there have not been more 3d games from that era being ported to the PSVR/VR2.

_SilverHawk_138d ago

resistance 1-3, killzone 1-3, uncharted 1-3, uncharted golden abyss, folklore, socom 4 , motorstorm, twisted metal, MAG, heavenly sword

Cacabunga138d ago

Killzone 2+3
Sly Thieves in Time
Crack in Time
God of War Ascension
Modnation racer
Infamous 1+2

Profchaos138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Killzone trilogy in VR would be amazing bonus points if they offer shadow fall.

There was a psvr1 Killzone project that supermassive was working on at one stage which wasn't up to scratch and Sony brand it back in house I was hoping we would see that on psvr2 eventually.

Personally I'd love to see some more love or acknowledgement of psvr2 from Sony in general it was a expensive headset and Sony barely acknowledge it's existence

seanpitt23138d ago

The amount of work needed to remaster these games wouldn't be beneficial on a financial and business sense.. MGS4 would probably be the best bet as it would need the least amount of work!

Iceball2000138d ago

YEAAASSSSS! I miss this franchise and wanna play it so bad again.

Father__Merrin138d ago

The time is perfect for a resistance fall of man game campaign coop multiplayer

InUrFoxHole138d ago

The resistance series is str8 trash to me. Socom 3 I would welcome. Or killzone MP.