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Need For Speed: Rivals, developed by Ghost Games, brings back the thrill of the chase pitting cops and racers against one another. Sure it’s been done quite a few times before, but Ghost Games seems to have channeled the essence of what made the Need For Speed series fun and entertaining.

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Corpser1794d ago

This game may very well be the best next gen launch game

meatnormous1794d ago

Really tempted to buy this game.

spike1794d ago

This is also my favorite next gen game. I also bought Ghost which is cool. Battlefield 4 is buggy as hell. I still can't play Conquest match. Madden did not even look like a next gen game on my PS4.

karl1793d ago

i used to be a big NFS fan...

but after hot pursuit and the second underground they just became kinda lame..

its great to see them get back with a great NFS game.. if reviews keep the score high i may buy the game