Xbox One Has Already Lost the Battle for Twitch to PS4

Xbox has put one last stake through the heart of any hopes they had for matching the PS4 livestreaming experience.

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P0werVR1820d ago

A lil' too early to make assumptions. Live stream is NOT going to be a huge factor into making any difference. Live streaming is just that, LIVE STREAMING! Nothing either console can not achieve.

black0o1820d ago

''too early'' agreed
''Live stream is NOT going to be a huge factor'' i strongly disagree

SpringHeeledJack1820d ago

Agreed live streaming is going to be big. I've always gone to youtube to watch vids but after looking at twitch to see what it's all about i prefer that to watch real time gaming and the feeling of people watching you play and commenting and talking between themselves is great.

Very surprised xbone doesn't have twitch when apps is usually their strong point, it's a massive deal breaker i predict, especially for all the kids.

B-radical1820d ago

Hahah really? what so a few kids wont be able to show games and review them boohoo i dont plan on streaming anything ever im sure there are others like me that dont plan on streaming stuff also. It is deff not a huge factor for next gen not this early in anyway

slate911820d ago

Agree black, its too early for assumptions, but live streaming is HUGE! Can't wait for the feature on xbox one. Sucks it was delayed

MorePowerOfGreen1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

@POWERVR Agreed!.

Pushing it back to make it better and polish a service packed with more advanced features hardly means XB1 lost LMAO.

LOL PS fans trying to justify their purchase and/or feel happy about it.

Imalwaysright1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

"live streaming is HUGE" Why? I don't get it. I really don't!

EDIT Is this like facebook and twitter to you guys? Everyone must know everything you guys do, even how you play videogames? I really don't get it.

@Jokes Yeah understand that it if someone has a website why this feature is important but for people that just play videogames like me I really don't understand what is the big deal about this feature.

JokesOnYou1820d ago

Twitch is great but I remember saying unless you are one of the few exceptional gamers with something awesome to show off or you have a site dedicated to specific gaming then its not that big of a deal, nobody wants to watch everybody and there brother just playing a game we all can play or watch something significant/walk through on youtube.

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OrangePowerz1820d ago


It`s more likely pushing it back only because it wasn`t working properly not to add more advanced features. The whole thing about their game DVR and streaming seems to be quickly thrown together after the Sony announcement. They hadn`t shown anything about the recording at the Xbox one reveal besides of saying they have it, plus it records only the last 5 minutes. The streaming on the PS4 is deeply integrated into the system and UI nothing that MS showed so far would suggest that this would be the case at all.

Boody-Bandit1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Live streaming is excellent. Today is the first time I tried it and ended up spending over an hour on it. It's a great tool to see games in action you are thinking about getting or asking others about game specifics (car, gun, level, sticking points, frame rates, other performance issues, story plot etc, and so on).

Don't dismiss it until you have used it. I shrugged it off when I heard the PS4 had this and I can see myself using this over and over again. Just imagine if a fighting game didn't have a lobby or you couldn't download matches like some offer, etc. You could literally have top players in a genre create a stream and get tips from the best in the game. It's better to hear someone describe to you in their own words than read lengthy write or strategy guides. I was always better at learning from teachers that lecture instead of cracking open a book and reading.

Trust me when you use it most of you will enjoy it. It's a great feature.

Bigpappy1820d ago

People are making to big a deal of this.

DigitalRaptor1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

@ JokesOnYou

Who would you rather watch streaming and talking about games?

A random person? Or one of your friends? This allows anyone to share their game streams with their friends and this is awesome stuff. Downplaying it of course, is not like I expected any less.

@ timotim

PS4 has a web browser than can view any web content, including any Twitch streams.

Re: the downplaying. The facility is there - Loads of people are already doing this, and loads of people are enjoying it. The ability to share clips was also overlooked and downplayed by Xbox fans until they saw that they could share clips of Xbox 1 games.

nukeitall1820d ago

i can understand livestreaming by a professional gamer, but random joe, who cares?

i would much rather have edited clips of memorable moments personally.

that said, xbox one is getting this shortly too, so what is the big deal?

UltimateMaster1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Well this sucks.

Still damage controlling, I see.

It sucked when the Ps4 did not had MP3 capacity at launch and it still sucks the X1 don't have stream at launch.

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torchic1819d ago


that's a very nice way of putting it.


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svoulis1820d ago

Um there are so many people streaming from their PS4 as we speak. As Am I and about 25 other people I personally know. It is a bigger thing and will play a bigger role when it comes to games like COD and BF4.

trancefreak1820d ago

Yup I was in a couple streams last night of games I have not purchased. It was actually fun with people joking around with the player.

Unreal011820d ago

Whether you like it or not Twitch is very popular and I use it on a daily basis, it's a pretty big deal. The fact that Microsoft left it until 2 days before launch to announce something like this is going to piss a lot of people off.

Funantic11820d ago

I agree. I rather play games than watch people play.

Mosiac771820d ago

I'm with you on this one. But there is another concern for Sony to allow this. Now I can check out other people playing new release and decide if I like it or not. This might hurt sony in software sale

Jubez1871820d ago

You obviously never heard of "League of Legends" if you don't think live streaming is a big deal. Have you seen the players' paychecks?

Mystogan1820d ago

There is no "live stream battle". Both will have twitch in the end. This is just dumb... Obviously flamebait.

Automatic791820d ago

I bought Xbox one for games first everything else is just optional inclusive of twitch.

Magicite1819d ago

and thats the department xbox sux the most at

Ashby_JC1820d ago

I downloaded TWITCH on Friday and I am HOOKED!!!!!

It was one of the things I wanted to try out first on the xbox one. So its a wanted feature at least for me. Now I and many others have to wait.

What I love about twitch is I can watch people play games I am interested in buying. I can ask questions AND get answers right away.

I have watched...NBA live 14, NBA 2K14, KNACK, DAYZ, FALLOUT new Vegas, Killzone SF and many others.

The people using it are pretty cool and communicate with there audience.

Its a great feature that many who never used it will be like WOW this is pretty cool. Even if someone didnt want to stream. They still can use it as a tool to check out games they may want.

At least for now...we can still use TWITCH to view streams. Just cant stream our content...SUCKS!

DeadMansHand1819d ago

I agree. I'm not a big streamer but a buddy on sat asked me to so he could see assassins creed. I did and we were talking while I played. He was like oh what's that? So I would zoom in for him. He was able to see first hand a game in action AND able to talk to me about it. Very cool. I'd prefer to do that than go to YouTube and listen to some ding dong speed run a game and chatter about stuff I don't care about.

2cents1820d ago

Stake through the heart?

Steady on now

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psych1820d ago

The Xbox One has not yet begun to fight ! ! !

Godmars2901820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Its not going to have Twitch, something which MS had the nerve to laud about with pride, for months.

The XB1 has been fighting, but its been beating up itself.

Streaming on it might get some attention with the next Halo but then that begs the question, when the PS4 apparently has the COD crowd won, what else will the XB1 have which will be worth streaming?

psych1820d ago

Its not going to have Twitch AT LAUNCH.

See, I think you forgot that there.

Mystogan1820d ago

You think the COD crowd are so impatient that they can't wait a 2-3 months to get streaming? There's already DVR. Streaming is not that big of a deal.
And I think early DLC will appeal to them more than one temporarily absent feature. They can still use DVR while they wait. This is not a big deal.

Bigpappy1820d ago

How did you figure PS4 has the COD crowd won. Last numbers I saw had X360 at close to 4 Mil. PS4 lese than 1 Mil. X1 Unknown.

Godmars2901820d ago

"You think the COD crowd are so impatient that they can't wait a 2-3 months to get streaming?"

Actually, yes.

Though they bitch at very bug and glitch they know for a fact at this point the next game in the series will have, they still line up for midnight sales and count every pixel.

I bet some of them own the 360 though they bought the PS4 version right along with the console. Will or have already bought the XB1 version before they bought that console.

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ger23961820d ago

It better, its already taken a few jabs and some good upper cuts.

n4gamingm1820d ago

you can upload your videos anywhere on xbox one using skydrive

shadowT1820d ago

Uploading somehow, but not live broadcasting on Twitch

Riderz13371820d ago

You can do that on PS4...You can't live broadcast, as ShadowT said, on the Xbox One. There is a difference between uploading footage and having a live broadcast of your play through.

n4gamingm1820d ago

but twitch on the xbox one got delayed not cancel, so you will have live stream just not at launch

S2Killinit1820d ago

loving my PS4 is all I gotta say. all the other bs flying around is not relevant right now.

Mystogan1820d ago

I wish more Sony fans where like you. Instead of jumping on every Xbox One article to bash, Why not just enjoy your console and stay on your side of the fence?

Hicken1820d ago

And instead of jumping in every Xbox One article to defend, why not just admit when Microsoft screws up?

DigitalRaptor1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

This is a PS4 article as much as it is an Xbox One article. The author made sure of that. Let the folks comment.