State of Decay 2 Streams Go Live Before May 22nd Release

State of Decay 2 is in the Streamosphere today - catch EliteGamer guest streamer ObscureNameDigit for first impressions and important questions

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Telford911345d ago

Having played the first one on the launch Xbox one, I can only hope that the sequel is somewhat playable

P_Bomb1345d ago

Nice. Gonna go check it out.

obscurenamedigit1345d ago

And we are going back at it again! With the Dr.Drizzle for some co-op play on the Meagher Valley.

GamesMaster19821344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

I really hope this is good , as enjoyed the first on 360 years ago and defo will get this for PC if good . Haven’t played much on my PC since Lucius 2 and Hatred last month, ha ha (don’t Judge me they looked fun ).