GotGame: Review | Super Mario 3D World

GotGame: Super Mario 3D World, the latest title in the Mario universe, feels like a present to those who stuck it through with the Mario gang all these years. It freshens up the series and takes the unique gameplay of 3D Land and puts it on the Wii U, along with several of the innovations the new series offered. It also adds enough elements to make 3D World its own unique and highly-enjoyable offering.

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Ramon3MR1822d ago

I absolutely can't wait to play this bad boy. Great review!

_QQ_1821d ago

Very impressive Nintendo, keep it up.

kingxtreme811821d ago

Will absolutely pick this up after I get through some of the PS4 games I just got, and some of the XBO games I'll get on Friday.

What a hell of a time to be a gamer, eh guys!

DoctorJones1821d ago

A game that both kids and adults can enjoy. It can be done.

sentury1111821d ago

"3D World challenges the solo player, but multi-player gives it something of a “Battletoads effect,” making the game even more fun to play."

Yet not one mention of how the game lacks the ability to play this 4-player coop game online because it is not included.

It doesn't take anything away from the local game to have the option to play online with friends.

If a new left 4 dead was released without online functionality touting how they developer wanted you to play in local play only everyone would flip out, but when Nintendo does it people don't say shit.

Misaka_x_Touma1821d ago

left 4 dead is a shooter this is not

sentury1111821d ago

It's a 4 player game that is good in single player, but better in coop.

What's the difference what genre it is.

Also doesn't take away the fact that the reviewer clearly says the game is better in coop mode yet Nintendo doesn't include the ability to play online.

thegent1821d ago

I love the last of us and I wished it had local play so me and my friebds don't have to yake turns playing online, but I'm not going to criticize it negatively because of it. One could say having local wony harm online so why not have it in. Some games focus on different levels of fun

DoctorJones1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I prefer local multiplayer. There are loads of games I can play online but not enough local MP games for my liking.


What ps4 platform games have got mp?

sentury1111821d ago

That's fine, local multiplayer is great. But that still doesn't explain why they can't have the ability to play online doing the exact same thing as local. The same as every other developer does.
The game looks like fun, but I can't see myself getting together 3 other people often enough to take advantage of the co-op features.

McScroggz1821d ago

It's because it's Nintendo. They get a pass when it comes to online features when compared to Sony or Microsoft. I don't know why, but it's apparent.

Game still looks great.

RAFFwaff1821d ago

yes, but they sure take alot of other shit that sony and ms dont get, like being perennially labelled 'kiddy', 'gimmicky', 'too stubborn' etc. So its swings and roundabouts and all subjective opinion, isnt it?

deafdani1821d ago

A lot of people have actually gave Nintendo shit because of the lack of online play on this game.

However, this game is ultimately judged by the things it HAS on it, rather than the things that it doesn't have.

Would it have been a even better, more complete package if it included online play? Yes, definitely, I won't argue that with you for a single second. That, however, doesn't take away from the fact that it's still an amazing game (according to reviews), and most likely all the accolades it's getting are well deserved.

McScroggz1821d ago

I agree about judging the game based off of what it does, but we can't ignore whenever a game doesn't have something that it should. I'm not even saying it should be a big negative or impact score much (if at all) but we are in an age where playing online is increasingly prominent.

Also, in general, if everybody just accepts Nintendo's online offerings and infrastructure because it's Nintendo then it won't get better. A lot of people complained about the PSN early on, and Sony improved it a lot. I understand that many Nintendo fans feel persecuted (as seen by my disagrees) but I just don't get why we can't try and push Nintendo more ya know?

The 10th Rider1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

To be fair, platformers wouldn't offer the same experience online as a FPS does. I can see where it would work out playing online with friends (and they should have offered that,) but I feel like online with random people would be frustrating most of the time.

On another note: The same thing could be said flipside...Why do a lot of games offer online multiplayer without fledged-out local, split-screen multiplayer? They don't usually get counted down for that.

EDIT: Another thing to note is that (according to the reviews) the game is still awesome without multiplayer AT ALL. Neither local or online multiplayer are necessary to enjoy the game.

Neonridr1821d ago

People don't say $hit because they are too busy enjoying the hell out of the game.

Would online multiplayer be nice? Sure it would because I won't always have 3 people over to enjoy the game with me.

Could online multiplayer not be added in the future via a patch theoretically?

deafdani1821d ago

Theoretically, yes, it could be added, but you know Nintendo isn't going to do it.

I think the true Nintendo online experience will come with Mario Kart 8. So far, all Mario Kart games since the DS version have been the definitive online experiences in their respective consoles.

So, I think Mario Kart 8 will do the same. Hopefully, Smash Bros for Wii U follows suit (online play on Brawl was downright broken).

RAFFwaff1821d ago

its better in co-op mode simply to tease and see your friends/family/kids faces in the same room as you. what is it you're finding so hard to understand? Online modes are expected in a game like Left 4 Dead, Cal of Duty, etc. But also in recent times, alot of games seem to have a multiplayer portion 'tacked' on for the sake of it just to tick a box, when it clearly never added anything worthwhile to the overall single player experience (like Bioshock 2, for example.) Nintendo have added local multiplayer and i for one think its a masterstroke, and will enjoy the game xmas day lag-free with my family.

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