Closed Beta? Wait!

You want to know about the Closed Beta, right? Okay, well, let's get right into it:


Socom: Confrontation

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Asurastrike3921d ago

How about some information on what game it is in the title or description?

TheWickedOne3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

This story has bad editing all over it. Poor Title, Poor Description, and Poor Picture. Other then that a decent article.

tweaker3921d ago

Well there goes my chances. Only a selected few from the Official PS3 forums.

warhawk12343921d ago

wow you all didn't read the title of the article then thats the title and if any of us has a problem we should talk to Playstation. Cause I was mad but then I saw the title of the article from Playstation and understood why he put it that way. So actually its sweet short and simple and I can look at the article because of the title it sparked my curiosity. Other then that I can see that it is bad editing on playstations part.

LazyPhalanges3920d ago

If I am at “”, I expect them to be talking about Socom, however when I am at “”, I don’t know what game the article is about until I read the description.

And It takes a little bit longer with dial-up so…

darkstar3920d ago

I would edit it to save you all from the 2 seconds it takes to click on the link but, it's to late now.

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The story is too old to be commented.