Kojima Confirms Importing Music on Ground Zeroes

Thanks to a tweet a few moments ago, being able to load in your own soundtracks has been confirmed as a feature in MGS: Ground Zeroes.

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Snookies121795d ago

I love the MGS music, so this won't be an issue for me. :]

digitalwolf1795d ago

It will be fun to add missing tracks though if there are any :p

Like mgs4 stuff or "love deterrence" from peace walker which I loved for boss battles.

DarkBlood1795d ago

how about the twin snakes theme? :P

Masterchief_KOK1795d ago

if this game is 2 to 4 hour story like ghost i pass

digitalwolf1794d ago

Apparently this has been in development for some time so I imagine it's fair content wise.

Einhert1795d ago

I just wanted to play long tall sally while in the chopper

Akuma2K1794d ago

Good one, nice honor to the movie