Warframe Enjoys Successful PlayStation 4 Launch

Digital Extremes recently announced the immediate release of the highly anticipated Warframe on the recently released PlayStation 4 platform and thousands of players are already enjoying the adrenaline fueled third-person combat

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jeffgoldwin2455d ago

It's a very solid game, especially for the free price tag.

rdgneoz32455d ago

Yah, loving how the pay features are more convience and if you're impatient about waiting to get / make stuff. Some games basically bend you over if you're not forking over money / pay to win.

Overall, having a lot of fun with it, though I wish there'd be more of a guide in game showing you a the inner workings like modding, transfusion, etc. Looked up what I needed online after a quick search, but some stuff isn't explained too well.

itBourne2455d ago

That is the main problem I have with f2p games as well. I think League should be a shining example of f2p games. Hell you cannot even buy runes with real money, and that is the best advantage you cant get in that game lol.

Utalkin2me2455d ago

Sorry i thought it was meh at best. I deleted it after a hour of play.

Studio-YaMi2455d ago

To each his own of course,you might hate it,others might love it.

For me it's more like so-so.

Kleptic2455d ago

yeah i've played a decent amount of it on PC...I understand where many are coming from...

It does get repetitive...but that repetitive'ness is only enjoyable if you're playing with real friends...if treated as a co-op title only, it can be fun...but if you just jump in it with randoms, or even worse, attempt the solo stuff...its VERY mediocre imo...

and the cortana like lady talking to you...needs to cheesy and repetitive...literally every mission she is saying the same thing...

itBourne2455d ago

BTW any news on the cross play for the game, I have it on PC too, but would love to play on my ps4 with some PC buddies.

jeffgoldwin2455d ago

Ive seen a few rumor mill articles pop up recently that xbox one might play with windows 8 pc users. But I haven't seen anything about the ps4 playing with pc users, so that's probably pretty unlikely at least in the near future.

itBourne2455d ago

I seen articles talking about crossplay between ps4 and pc, but that was back a few months, havent seen anything new, was jst curious, not a huge deal, like I said I got it on my pc. But was just wondering if anyone knew anything.

akiraburn2455d ago

There was a serious discussion about this on their forums which sadly has been widely ignored by the developers. Basically, one of the devs posted a topic explaining that although they initially promised that cross-play and duality were definitely set in stone, duality (the ability to bring your account between PC and PS4 freely) is most likely not going to happen and cross-play won't be at launch but it should happen within the launch window (whatever time-frame they consider that to be).

They cited that the entire problem for getting these to work was not knowing when Sony would be posting game updates on their side of things, suggesting it might take an extra few days for it to go live, and unfortunately they decided that it wouldn't be fair to current PC players if they held back updates a couple of days to maintain parity. The problem I see with that explanation though is that they also said that sometime relatively soon they will be able to enable cross-play and there will be parity between versions, however there still won't be duality... so I'm lost in their reasoning.

Their solution for PC players who want to bring their account over is a one-time "copy" function which duplicates your account onto PS4 but it acts completely separate after you copy it. Additionally, any platinum you have won't copy over, nor will your dojo/clan. There is a long rant I could go into on all this, but ultimately this situation left myself and a lot of others rather disappointed, namely in the lack of communication from the developers on this matter, and the lack of responses they provided when attempting to discuss this on their own posting or in the Design Council (a special forum area for founder members which are there to help design the game).

As for what Jeffgoldwin said, I do not believe that is accurate, because as of right now there is no Xbox One version that's been announced by them, let alone cross-play. Regardless, it is a great title, and I have fun with it, but the total lack of communication on their end can get almost infuriating at times.

isa_scout2455d ago

Yeah, I'm loving it. After I beat Killzone I moved over to playing Warframe, and now I'm bouncing back and forth between KZ MP and Warframe. I'd have straight up paid $60.00 for Warframe. That's how much I love it.
The only problem I can see with the game overall is my friends and I can't play it together. Any news on when they're going to update it to allow players to invite and join friends?

jonatan2212455d ago

If you're talking about cross play between pc and Ps4, I can't help you there.

BUT if your friends have ps4, all you have to do is go into the level selection menu, and then press options, go to your friend list (in game) and click on their names. A little drop down window should appear and the option to invite.

Your friends could also just press the option button while you are in the map selection screen and they can press on your name and can select "join session"

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PoSTedUP2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

with all these free2play games doing well, i think DeepDown is going to be a big hit.

Nitrowolf22455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I want it to be, but something tells me that Capcom is gonna do something that's gonna tick people off.
They of coruse want to make money, but depending on how they make that money may make or break the game.

PoSTedUP2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

yeah deff. im real curious to see how good it is completely free. id spend a few dollars on a new big sword and some badass armor to slay some breath taking dragons with, for sure.

Funantic12455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I'm a Xbox fan who has a PS4 but this game is decent. The graphics are pretty good. I also like Contrast. I'm enjoying both of those. Contrast is very creative. I should have tried it on the 360 before. I hope the Xbone can me something great and free on Friday too.

jeffgoldwin2455d ago

"something great and free on Friday too"

So you've never heard of Killer Instinct then? Im not even getting an xbox one and Ive already seen dozens of articles about that free game.

static52452455d ago

Is that sarcasm? Because KI isn't free. You have to pay to unlock more than one character

wingman32x2455d ago

Had to download it a couple of times, but once I actually got to play it, I enjoyed it.

Only a couple of levels in, but it's fun so far.

Sevir2455d ago

The Camera angel could use some fine tuning when you melee, But this game is surprisingly good, I also love all the homage Digital Extremes Paid to Both Dark Sector's Conceptual and Actual universe...

The Suit for one being in the original concept along with the Suit making a modified return in the 2008 release of the game, abd ofcourse the Alien Race of Ninja in Warframe known as "Tenno" which was the last name of the protagonist in Dark Sector 's Concept and final release in 2008.

I sometimes dislike that publishers shape and influence games original concept for profit, but it's nice to see some developers and Platform holders all things like this. Self publishing is doing good for DE, and I hope it goes well for Capcom with Deep Down and all the other devs that go for this method.

This game is enjoyable and pretty solid.

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