Hilarious Times Part #9999 - Need For Speed: Rivals Does Not Support Driving Wheels

DSOGaming writes: "Man, it seems that EA wants to simply ruin the NFS franchise. We first got the 30fps lock and according to EA's official Q&A page, the game won't support any driving wheels."

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windblowsagain1822d ago

I'm going to state this now.

NFS - Needs a big fking rest.
ASSASSINS CREED needs to just die.
Watchdogs is ASSASSINS CREED in a modern city.

There is too many of the same games launching over and over.

I want some New ip's with a big budget.

Last gen. UNCHARTED was the best game to come.

DCfan1822d ago

I realized this soooo long ago. So just decided to stick with fighting games, niche games and jap imports.

john21822d ago

sadly that is true. Let's hope we'll get some new IPs

NarooN1821d ago

Yep, but people keep eating it up, so they keep making more of it. Don't see how people can be satisfied with paying $60 to play the same game they played last year, lol.

decrypt1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

"I want some New ip's with a big budget."

Problem is they dont want to take risks with big budget games, hence they tend to make them cater to the masses so that their returns on investment are guaranteed.

You want something new, pick up something new like Dota 2. Its a totally different concept than anything you would have played and its free, will run on low to midrange hardware too.

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BippityBoppityB001822d ago


There along with no split screen(was really excited by the prospect of Vita+PS4 multiplayer), goes any reason to buy the game. I'll just wait for it to appear on PS4 IGC a year from now. (If they'll have it)

Bathyj1821d ago

After buying a G25 for GT5 I dont think I ever want to play a racing game again without a steering wheel. I'm pretty happing the PS4 still supports it.

Rzep1821d ago

A racing game that does not support a wheel. I don't really know what to say. I mean what is the reasoning behind this? Even if wheel are better for sims it still does not justify putting this limitation of gamers. If someone wants to play with a wheel then let them...

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